On the day of Vaishakh Vad 8th Bapashri, Swami Ishwarcharandasji, kathakar Purani Dharmakishordasji and Purani Keshavpriyadasji, Swami Bhagavatswarupdasji, Purani Hariprashaddasji, Swami Krishnasevadasji, Swami Swetvaikunthdasji, Saint Muktavallabhdasji, etc, all went to Kumbharia. Seeing the pandal of the discourse (katha) in the compound outside, Bapashri told saints of Bhuj and devotees of Kumbharia that Indra has become mad (it is going to rain heavily) so bring the pandal in the temple. He said so twice or thrice but saints and devotees thinking that there will be shortage of place in the temple, they arranged the discourse (katha) there at the same place. Then Bapashri came and told Ishwarcharandasji that he was tired of telling them to change the place but saints and devotees did not agree. Saints are adamant and they do not give up. When I am not there, they will not obey anyone and they will be exposed and will make several people unhappy and they themselves will be unhappy. Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said to Bapashri to tell Indra not to come. Bapashri said since these saints and satsangis are not obeying then how can lndra obey? Then Swami told Bapashri that these saints and devotees were their children and they would never obey but Indra is poor servant and the servant has to act according to the order. Then Bapashri said now I will have to tell to Indra otherwise it will be a question of my prestige and people will say that I am called Mukta and could not prevent the obstacle of rain. On the very day of katha it rain and though many coverings were put on the pandal but it rained heavily. Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji prayed to Bapashri and requested him to tell Indra to stop the rain. Then Bapashri told Indra not send rain in this village and can send rain elsewhere around this village. Then it rain round the village and else where also. The river was flooded but it did not rain in that village. On the evening of 12th day of Vaishakh Vad (Baras) there were dark clouds on the pandal of katha. Jairambhai asked to bring Bapashri’s seat from the place below the tiles to the place under the tarpaulin (i.e. under the pandal of the katha). Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said if Bapashri’s seat was brought from that place, it would rain so let it be there only. Even then devotees went to shift the seat but Bapashri did not allow his seat to be shifted. Then it stops raining and in the village around Kumbhariya had heavy rain. The ponds got water lasting for six months and there were flood in river. In the Vagad region there was heaps of hay (dry grass) belonging to the king. The lightening fell on it and hay (dry grass) weighing 4,00000 maunds was burnt. Thus rain played havoc in other regions but Kumbhariya was saved. || 177 ||