In the morning of Fagana Vad 4th, after performing puja Bapasri met all saints and devotees. Bapasri said to Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “Swami! This meeting is very exceptional. This puja of infinite muktas along with Sriji Maharaj is in Aksardham. This is divine extraordinary assembly, in which there is a group of Munis in every Muni. The sin of innumerable births of anyone, whom the air of this assembly touches gets burnt. This is very great achievement. Do remember such Maharaj, such Anadi muktas of His, such divine assembly and these talks- but do not forget. All these are divine. If it is remembered at the time of death, ultimate liberation is certain. We should meditate on Murti day and night and should join Murti- then only happiness of Murti will come. Unless one becomes worthy of it that happiness will not come, so be worthy.”

Then Bapasri said, “When can it be said that Maharaj and great muktas have really met?” It is said only when all shortcomings like honour, pride, taste, etc. are given up and get attached to Murti. Then association of mukta is also said to be complete. After associating with muktas, one will have to give up childish nature and will have to obey Maharaj’s command properly. If the renounciant’s follower is irreligious, he should renounce such follower and if householder’s son is irreligious, that son should be renounced but commands should never be violated. The renounciant should never come in contact with wealth and woman. If he comes in contact with them, he should know that a cobra has clung him. Just as after clinging a cobra takes one’s life, similarly, it is also the cause of fall from the path of salvation. The householder should also give up such saint. The one who keeps contact with wealth and woman should never be associated. The nature of jiva is such that it takes the side of the enemy, the one who has looted his modesty, had sent him in prison, had beaten him, and if someone beats that enemy, he would say not to beat him and would take his side. When the saint tries to dig the enemy within, we should not take the side of the enemy. One should neglect this world and this body. The body of five elements is the cage of bones, it has been plastered with meat, it has been whitewashed with skin, inside it there is pus, blood, excrement, etc. and it is covered by net in the form of faults like passion, anger, greed, pride, fascination, taste, envy, etc. Jiva considers this body as good because of its fascination. But what is good in it? Nothing is good. To please the body, jiva longs for small kinds of things. That longing has no end. The saint should give up longing for a box, seat, puja, prasadi of footprint (charanarvind) otherwise he will lose the prestige. Mind is rogue. ‘Zatki zatki jat he, latki latki vishay fal khat.’ It leaves Murti all of a sudden and eats fruits in the forms of sensual objects. Therefore, the mind should be diverted from those objects and should be joined in Murti. In the 23rd Vachanamrt of Gadhada Middle Chapter Maharaj has said, “Parambhagwat saint (compete in all respect in his devotion to God) is one who by coming in contact with good or bad objects does not get disturbed in mind. Who is called saint- the one who gives peace, who liberates, who comes to fetch at the time of death-one should become such saint. We should give up allurement of this world. My children say, “Bapa! For your comfort we do this, we do that for your meals, etc.” Then I would say, “It is not suitable to me- it disturbs my stomach, or it may create heat in my body or it may create coolness in my body or it may give me gastric trouble- thus I would give up and I would take only loaf of millet and hotchpotch of math (a kind of pulse) and that is the only food for me. If millet is stored in storing vessel, I am glad. If white millet is stored, I am glad. If ghee, jaggery, wheat, is stored even then the same gladness. Similarly, body should be made like storing vessel. The one who gets attached to Murti with feeling of oneness would think all other happiness excepting Murti to be trivial. Which thing we want to achieve- Sriji Maharaj only. Therefore, everything else has to be cut short- it is must because there is no way out. We should think how great achievement we have, by getting Maharaj. Just as the sovereign king does not show any difference between poor and rich. Similarly, if the greatness of Maharaj and muktas is understood, five sensual objects, egoism will not be felt and one can reach in front of Murti. Your guide is good, opportunity is good so get it fulfilled without fail. As soon as this jiva takes taste of maya it forgets Maharaj. He would have given up maya but if there are thoughts in conscience, he will not get happiness; on the contrary, he will be unhappy. Therefore, leaving thoughts aside, we should keep tendency (vrtti) in Murti. We should drive away passion of maya from jiva and associate with those who have crossed maya and who are ekantik or param ekantik and Anadi who are above Mahakal and Aksar. But should not associate with them who are bound by maya– then only he will be happy. Sriji Maharaj and great Anadi are as divine here as they are in Aksardham. They show human feeling by their sankalpa only. For the purpose for which we have become ‘Sannyasi’ and whatever is wanted, is achieved by meeting Maharaj Himself and muktas. This achievement is very very great. Where are we sitting, whose association have we got? We have got anadi mukta and Sriji Maharaj Himself.” After this talk, Bapasri distributed prasadi of cashew nut and kismis to the saint-devotees. || 43 ||