On the day of Vaishakh Sud 14th Bapashri snowing his favour, talked. He said, “Nrusinhchaudash is meant for believers of Paroksha. We should believe only in supreme Lord Purushottam i.e. Swaminarayan. In Shikshapatri it is said who is this Purushottam -He is Parbrahma i.e. Shree Swaminarayan. If you worship Him, everything will be all right. Akshar takes care of all those who are below Shriji Maharaj-it is His greatness.” Then Bapashri commanded to read. Saint started reading. The 9th Vachanamrut of 1st chapter was being read. In it, it has been said that in Akshardham, there are miracles and Murti.

Then Soni Motibhai of Bhuj asked, “How could we know about Murti and miracles?” Bapashri said, “Murtis means Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti and happiness/ bliss which comes from Murti are miracles. Then on the 3rd day i.e. on the Vaishakh Vad 1st Bapashri and all saints and devotees came to Narayanpur. || 216 ||