On the noon of Fagan Sud 8th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “One should not allow change in five morals (vartman) and he who has made change should not be kept with us and we should not keep him together. If anybody shows miracles, we should not be impressed by him. We should have strong fascination only for Murti and we should not mix our self with any worldly affairs causing obstruction. Mumukshu has to realize Murti remaining in physical body by associating with Anadi Muktas of Shriji and has to make the present birth as the last.

Zaverilalbhai of Nadiad asked, “In Vartal when nephew was to be throned, Sadaguru Swami Balramdasji opposed. What is to be done in such a situation?” Bapashri replied, “It is not called a matter of worldly activities (vyavahar), it is a matter of religion (sect). Therefore we should get involved in it. It is said to have kept the side of Shriji Maharaj. Just as the decision was taken for throning the other than the nephew of Mahaprabhuji by violating his commands. Similarly if the hedge would eat the crop of the field. If is happening like this or in future if any Acharya may think of becoming the owner of God’s wealth, in that case we should take the side of God, even if our head is cut. It is not considered having taken part in worldly matter. It is a means of pleasing Shriji Maharaj. In case the money of donation is to be spent in Government department for making the ownership of God, Shriji Maharaj will not be displeased on the contrary He will be pleased.

Ashabhai of village Kanbha asked, “Swami Balramdasji became unhappy when he was driven out of the temple- what should be done in such a situation?” Bapashri replied, “When there is injustice and if unhappiness comes by taking side of God, we should not be yes man. God should be worshipped by staying in one temple but should not build temple with peak.” || 134 ||