On the day of Jeth Sud 1st, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Shriji Maharaj and this saint have met us- they are divine. The one who knows them as divine will also become divine. Shriji Maharaj said that the way in which you know me and my Muktas, you will also be put on the same cadre and will make as omniscient (supreme being). That supreme being will be able to know the happiness which is taken by Anadi Muktas and will also know happiness of Param Ekantik and will recognise all and the happiness which they enjoy will all be seen by him and he will also know the secret of those who are away from them viz Aksharkoti, Brahmakoti, Jivakoti, Iswarkoti. But we will not give power for creation or power for giving creation the fruit of their karma (activities) but he will be made supreme being. Then saints requested Bapashri to show Murti for a while so that they can fix their attention on it. Then Bapashri said, “It is atheism. Whatever it is, it is here. Everything is here for the one who knows these idol and saints as divine. Therefore they should be known as divine but should not desire to see any thing else. We should not have neither the darshan or nor should hear talk from the mouth of his who desires to see other than this assembly. This has been said in the 9th Vachanamrut of first chapter by Shriji Maharaj. This Murti and this saint should be considered as divine and should meditate on this Murti. Then this Murti will be seen in bright luminescence. Such happiness can be had during our life span. But Jiva has become blank and remain unhappy. It remains unhappy in this association then where else can it get happiness? This is the assembly of Akshardham and it is also above of those Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti and Shriji Maharaj is present here. If one knows this assembly as such, one will become divine. If I am telling a lie it will be my guilt but you believe it to be true you will be much benefited. Whether you believe it or not I am going to say what I want to. Therefore be kind enough to believe it then only you will be with us. I have come to take Jiva to Shriji Maharaj, therefore make my efforts successful. He will not find only one any where telling such things. This I am telling you by oath of Swaminarayan- not telling a lie- telling as it is by seeing it. Innumerable places have been said for Badrikasharm, Swetdeep and Aksharkoti and dwelling place of Shriji Maharaj is Akshadham which is His luminescence and Anadi Muktas, Shriji Maharaj are all here. Therefore do not go elsewhere to get something-Shriji Maharaj has said that you have to go to Badrikasharm and Swetdeep, they all are here. The one who makes you do penance and himself does penance together should be known as Badrikasharm and the one who makes you do meditation by making you introverts and he also meditates together should be known as Swetdeep and the one who describes the greatness of Mul-Akshar along with greatness of Maharaj and gives weightage to Akshar should be known as of Aksharkoti. Param Ekantik Muktas dwell in Akshardham which is above Akshars. If one associates with them, they will tell you to live in front of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and takes you before Murti and if you meet Anadi Muktas, they will tell you to live in Murti and will keep you in Murti. All these assemblies are in this satsang. therefore all abodes should be known to be in this satsang and they all should be known by their respective characteristic and then associate with Anadi Mukta, but we have nothing to do with indirect (paroksha).

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Do Muktas of Vasudevbrahma have separate assembly or not?” Bapashri replied, “Naranarayan is passionless (nishkam-desiring no fruits) Muktas of Vasudev and Vasudev and Naranarayan both liberates Jiva. Between them Vasudevbrahma dwelling in his own abode, take Muktas in Brahmpur before him after giving darshan in Swetdeep. Whereas Naranarayan also dwelling in Brahmpur takes Muktas to Brahmpur before his master Vasudevbrahma after giving darshan in Badrikasharam but does not make his disciple. Mahakal has been given the work of mahapralaya (ultimate destruction) by Vasudevbrahma. He does this work living in front of Vasudevbrahma . He has also not separate disciple. Mulpurush has been given the work of creation (shrushti). When that creation (shrushti) joins with illusion at that time he forms Golokdham and lives there. He has his own parshad. When the ultimate destruction (mahapralay) takes place, those Mulpurushs dwell in Brahmapur along with their parshad in the luminescence of Vasudevbrahma. Those parshads can see their master who is Mulpurush but cannot see Mahakal, Naranarayan and Vasudev, there is no activity for Muktas of Mul-Akshar and they do not have their disciple too. They take happiness of Akshar who is their master and those Muktas are passionless (nishkam-desire no fruits). Shriji Maharaj through his luminescence has inspired Mul-Akshars to do the activity of creation, etc and give fruits of karma (activity). All those activities have been given to Vasudevbrahma by Mul-Akshars but Muktas of Akshars and Shriji Maharaj do not have any activity- to liberate is the only activity for them. Those Akshars and their Muktas take (jiva) to Akshar, Shriji Maharaj and his Muktas take Jivas to Shriji Maharaj. So today the time has come to dwell in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti leaving Brahmkoti and Aksharkoti. If one gives up happiness of fourteen Lokas (cosmos) , will get bliss of Murti. || 182 ||