Bapasri quoted a line ‘Mari Murti re mara lok, bhog ne mukta sarve divya chhe’ (I, My abode, My biss and My muktas are all divine). Thus Maharaj has said so we should also join with that divine and never remain separate. Do not remain dry after remaining in the sea, i.e., satsang. One will become very happy by getting attached to great Anadi with much love. What is love? If it makes one cry, makes one emotional, etc. but if one is stone-hearted he will remain dry just as a stone remains dry in water. Similarly, such jiva is not affected by the company of muktas. Therefore, be needy and associate with great muktas by mind, deeds and words. In such association one becomes ekantik from ordinary satsangi; and from ekantik he becomes param ekantik; and then becomes Anadi; that too if he has deep faith and love, otherwise it happens like this that when ghee is applied to a chapati, the two parts of it become separate. All saints are Murti of Brahma. This assembly is of Aksardham and Anadi muktas drink nectar in the form of bliss of Murti. They bath in nectar and perform yajna of nectar. We want to achieve that happiness and for that purpose we have come together. In case there is death, this opportunity will become very rare. Therefore, we should attach to such muktas. Experiential knowledge comes out from Murti. When one realises it, one will get bliss of and oneness with Maharaj. Then for him Maharaj and muktas become life as water is to a fish. For the one for whom muktas have become life, if there is disunion from Murti, he will feel pain as if his death is near. Those who have no other sankalpa excepting Murti are desireless (niskam) real devotees. If one surrenders his mind to mukta he becomes real worthy, i.e., he has achieved ultimate liberation while being in body. If anyone dedicates everything of his own to Maharaj, Maharaj in turn dedicates everything of His own. Then there is no other thought except that of Murti. Kalpataru (a kind of divine tree) turns one’s sankalpa in reality; then if Maharaj and muktas turn one’s sankalpa in reality, what is there to wonder! If one begins sincerely, there will not be any obstacle. He will be fulfilled. But jiva does not like the talk of parbhav (divine perspective) and remains busy in work. So he becomes pleased with miracles, luxury, conquering others, etc., but he has no joy or intoxication of getting Maharaj and great muktas. It is not good. To achieve the bliss of Murti one should become one with Murti. Then only he will get bliss of Murti. Sriji Maharaj has said that He is divine and luminous. The same is the case with muktas. Know thus. This feeling of human being is just for appearance. But Sriji Maharaj and muktas are always in divine feeling. We should get attached to such Anadi and make the work of maya false and become a trader of diamond and make resolution for achieving Murti. If knowledge is dissolved, there remains nothing. There remains only Maharaj and muktas. And hence one becomes happy. Such is the capacity of Maharaj and Anadi muktas but jiva does not become needy. He is riding a blind horse in the form of passion; so how can he get happiness? Even then if he remembers muktas and does not doubt, the blind horse in the form of passion can be controlled. Jiva has importance for mayik things. But it does not have importance for Sriji Maharaj and Anadi. It is atheism. Maharaj has left nothing unsaid. There is everything in Vachanamrt. If one takes that holy book, Mahaprabhuji’s Murti can be had from Vachanamrt. There is not a single word in it without reference of Murti. All words are there in it. Other scriptures refer up to Vairaj or Prakrti-Purusa but those scriptures do not refer up to Maharaj. Other scriptures are of avarbhav (view from the perspective of this world). Whereas Vachanamrt of Maharaj are of parbhav (divine perspective).” || 103 ||