On the day of Vaishakh Vad 6th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “A saint had a bad intension to harass our Brahmchari Nirgunanandji. Devjibhai and Khimjibhai also gave him support. But I took Brahmchari in Murti and he became blissful. There is no such Brahmchari in both region.” Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked me, “You may be remembering him much.” Bapashri said, “I am remembering him very much. We will not find such a man in the whole cosmos. He would talk loudly without fear or favour. Now I pray and made ‘sankalpa’ that such virtue is imbibed by Purani Keshavpriyadasji so that devotees of Kutch remain happy.” Then Bapashri said, “The one who does not have contact with inanimate and animate and having constant relationship with God is called Guru. Therefore, one should make such guru but if these characteristics are not there how can he be called guru? The one who is ‘sanatan’ is guru- we should know ‘sanatan’ means Anadi who is from Akshardham. Saint means who is with the characteristics of saint. Today in satsang God is there but in the opinion of the sinner and the irreligious person God is not there and understand that he has disappeared, because they do not know the norms of satsang. Therefore they understand that God has disappeared from the physical eyes. I wonder why has he become saint with such understanding- for saving head? If we have contact with such person we should know that the big hurdle on the path of salvation. We should avoid such contact and discard him. The one who has realized God should perform mental worship five times, meditate and rosary. || 221 ||