On the day of Vaishakh Sud 15th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in the assembly, “How to meditate Murti which is the cause of all?” Bapashri replied, “One should get his soul absorbed in luminescence of Murti and he should believe himself as form of luminescence and in that luminescence he should meditate on Murti. When the existence of body is forgotten while meditating on Murti and become tranquil it is the real meditation.”

Then once again, Swami asked, “Does the knowledge of existence remain after becoming one by becoming form of lord Purushottam’s luminescence?” Bapashri replied, “Even this much is known by knowledge even though there is covering of in the form of body-then what to say about it when it is known after the covering is removed and the sight becomes divine? Then there will be much knowledge. Just as I take happiness dwelling in Murti, similarly all Muktas take happiness by dwelling in Murti. Such knowledge remains. Anadi Muktas see Murti dwelling in Murti just as there is lamp in the lantern, that lamp sees the lantern. Similarly Anadi Muktas see Murti dwelling in Murti and take bliss of Murti and they also know how much bliss Muktas take-they know that this much happiness is taken by this Mukta- thus they know all.

Then again Swami asked, “How to understand that one should serve feet?” Bapashri replied, “Service of feet means the service of Murti. To say the service of feet is humble way of saying. The one who is servant will say in a humble way. One should know that it is the way of saying by a servant. Therefore the service of feet means service of the whole Murti. || 124 ||