In Samvat year 1942, Bapasri along with group (sangh) of six hundred devotees came to Muli temple from Kutch and there two meals (rasois) were offered for Thakorji and saints. There Bapasri went into trance. When group started for Gadhada Bapasri woke up from trance (Samadhi) but became ill, so he could not go. Kanji Bhakta the grand-son of Ratna Bhakta stayed for the seva of Muktaraj (Bapasri). When the group reached Gadhaa Muktaraj Dhanba doshi had darsan of Sriji Maharaj and muktas. She got Keshrabhai waken up and told that matter and said that Sriji Maharaj along with infinite muktas went to Muli to fetch Anadi Maha Mukta Bapasri-it is a loss of great happiness for us in satsang. Keshrabhai said, “Ma! I am your son so I cannot know as much as you know but it is sure for me that our happiness will not be over because when we started from Muli, Bapasri had told me that he would come to Gadhada definitely, so even Mahaprabhuji would have come, he would not fetch him. ” Saying so, he went to bed. On the next day when Bapasri felt better, he started for Gadhada with Kanji Bhakta. When Gadhada was about a mile away, Keshrabhai told the whole group that Bapasri was coming so they should go to receive him. Saying so devotees started with Keshrabhai and gathered outside the village. There Bapasri met all and showed his much pleasure and stayed in Gadhada along with the group for two days and gave many talks about the greatness of Maharaj and there made saints and devotees happy. From there the group came to Dholka via Dholera. At that time Sriji Maharaj had come to fetch great Saint Sadguru Sri Dhruvanand Swami at the time of last journey in Jetalpur. At that time Bapasri requested Maharaj to keep Swamisri for two days as the group would reach Jetalpur within two days and thereby the group could remember. Hearing such words Sriji Maharaj kept Dhruvanand Swami for two days. When the group reached Jetalpur from Dholka, Jasa Bhakta was living in the farm of the temple. He had darsan of Sriji Maharaj with beard sitting on Manki mare. Jasa Bhakta asked Maharaj, “Why do you look so weak- the mare also seems weak- moreover beard is not shaved- what is the reason of it?” Sriji Maharaj said, “I go along with the group of Kutch since it had started. That group is very big and while walking the whole group could not remain together so I remained with them lest somebody may rob them or may loose the path- so I look thus.” In the meanwhile the group reached Jetalpur and all had darsan. After two days when the group (sangh) was getting ready for going to Amdavad, Swamisri showed his wonderful power and left the world. At that time there was rain of sandal and everywhere there was fragrance. Some among the group made tablets from that sandal and they are still there. Then the group came to Amdavad and offered meals. Bapasri went to the seat of Swami Sri Nirgundasji after having darsan of Thakorji. He prostrated before Swami and met him and told him that he (Bapasri) had darsan after many days. Swami said that when Anda Bhakta breathed his last in Vrspur, you were sitting near him and at that time your nephew Govind Bhakta saw too much luminescence and seeing that he was afraid. You consoled him and told him that, it was luminescence of Maharaj and mukta, then, we fetched Anda Bhakta. Only two months have passed since then and why do you say that we met after many days. Then Swamisri told Bapasri to build a raised platform as a memorial at the place where Anda Bhakta breathed his last because at that place Sriji Maharaj had eaten tha in Samvat year 1862-it would be memorial. When Bapasri came to Kutch he got a memorial built. On the next day the talks about the greatness of Maharaj was taking place where Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami was sitting. Bapasri was also there in the assembly. So the assembly became very big. There Chimanbhai Seth of Amdavad and advocate Someshwarbhai, etc. devotees would come, prostrate before Swami, sit in the front and Bapasri was moving behind. Seeing this Swamisri said, “You are prostrating and sitting in the front and this anadi mukta goes on moving behind. You are not keeping his respect but he is such that in Jetalpur he made Sadguru Sri Dhruvanand Swami who was breathing his last remained in this world by requesting Maharaj and showered rain of sandal. Sriji Maharaj honours this mukta. He is such great and you have no regard for him and sit in front but this is Anadi Maha Mukta. He has been sent by Sriji Maharaj to liberate infinite jivas.”Hearing such words of Swami, Chimanbhai Seth, etc. got up, prostrated before Bapasri and prayingly said that they considered him like other devotees and did not keep his respect- “please pardon us for the guilt with your mercy.” Then Chimanlal Seth requested Swami to recommend him so that he could be taken to Aksardham. Then Swamisri told Bapasri that, that jiva was his and at the time of his death remember him. Bapasri agreed and said that his words would be kept in heart. Then Chimanlal Seth developed much love for Bapasri and politely requested him and took him to his house and showed the desire for a son. Bapasri was pleased with his polite words and told him that Maharaj would fulfil his wish. We should never forget Sriji Maharaj even for a moment. With that blessing he had a son named professor Jethalalbhai. || 1 ||