Once, Ranchhodlalbhai of Lunavada went to Vrspur. Bapasri was given a pomegranate to eat. He ate it and a seed of it which was under his seat was given to Ranchhodlalbhai and told him that Keshrabhai would tell him and asked him to go to Dahinsara. He went to Dahinsara and asked Keshrabhai to talk. Keshrabhai exclaimed that what he could know and added that he had given pomegranate to Bapasri and seed of it lying under his seat was given to him. Ranchhodlalbhai asked him where he was then. Keshrabhai said that Bapasri had shown his grace on him and had made him such that he could see behind the curtain (niravarana). He was surprised to hear it. || 29 ||