In the morning assembly, Bapasri said, “To please Sriji Maharaj one will have to meditate on that divine Murti.” Hirabhai asked Bapasri, “Bapa! We sit for meditation but after some time it seems that so much time has passed. There is much desire inside but we cannot sit for hours together- what is the reason of it?” Bapasri said, “In fact there is no real desire to join Murti and even if it is there it is only in vachyartha (words). Jiva has need but need differs. Just see! If diamond is lost one will search for it day and night and till it is not found how much disturbed he will become! Similarly if there is such insistence one can sit in meditation; so there is no way out but to do meditation- it will have to be done. While meditating ripples like the waves of sea rise, they also subside. If there is real desire and starts meditating, all the three bodies become deserted and there will be realisation of Maharaj soon- such is the power of Murti. Today bliss of Mahaprabhu is easily available. The jets of experiential knowledge of Murti emit- by that knowledge Maharaj and muktas attract devotee in Murti. That happiness is Anadi (without an end and beginning), eternal, limitless and infinite. He who wants to be happy in the happiness of Maharaj that happiness is such that it comes immediately, but unfortunately, there remains something else inside so that happiness cannot be had. If bread and waste of sugarcane are together how can there be happiness? In this assembly there are all viz. Maharaj, Anadi, saints, devotees, etc. This assembly is divine. What to say about this assembly? Maharaj says that everything happens according to the wishes of this assembly. These are all divine Murtis. These muktas are gaumukhi Ganga. From that gaumukhi bliss of Maharaj comes. Therefore, get attached to them understanding their greatness. Just as a householder has affection for wealth and son, similarly if we have affection for Maharaj, we can have closeness with Murti, so it requires much thinking. Do not bring any kind of ego in it. Do not get separated from Murti. Do all activities remaining in Murti, that also should be done for pleasure. So refuse and gold become equal. He who behaves only thus is called a saint. Therefore, do not allow words to fall on deaf ears. We have to achieve a big thing so be brave, remain in the bounds of commands and win inner enemies, so that we get Murti. The renunciate should follow the Dharmamrt and Niskamsuddhi and the householder devotee should remain according to Siksapatri, so that bliss of Murti will be experienced, otherwise not. One, who hopes happiness without it, is all in vain. We should sing song praising reputation and greatness of Maharaj and Maha muktas like Gopalanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, Gunatitanand Swami, Niskulanand Swami, etc. who became happy by doing penance by becoming passionless. But they themselves by doing penance and by doing worship made Mumukshus strong just as a mother takes medicine to keep her child healthy. They showed the way to achieve Maharaj and to please great muktas. Those great muktas remained engrossed in Murti and always enjoy that happiness, even though they did it for the sake of our liberation- know thus.” ||99 ||