On the day of Vaishakh Sud 6th, Bapasri showing his favour, talked. He said, “This time will not come again so leave aside all work and seize the opportunity. This benefit is either in Aksardham or here. Saying so Bapasri showed his pleasure. He called all saints and told them today Brahmras rains. In this divine assembly luminous Sriji Maharaj shines. Showers of happiness emits from Murti. We should intake that divine happiness. Saints! You come here by facing troubles of steamer and boats in sea and do association so you get much benefit, on the other hand those who are here cannot take that benefit. Some may be considering me ‘Hamara gharki bat hai’ (being a family member there is no value-regards they treat as an ordinary person) but Sriji Maharaj and muktas have mercy on you so you do association with knowledge of greatness. I have resolved to keep all in Murti, there is no other work. Therefore, I go from house to house and village to village. But the resolution is that one only. This thing is known to one who knows it. In satsang all have come for their salvation and even though they are needy, cannot know greatness because of weak association. Some are such that they do the business of loss without understanding. We should think (do sankalpa) that there should be the good of even such jiva. Maharaj and great muktas want to give happiness to all jivas-such is their mercy. Therefore, great saint says that jiva should surrender itself to Maharaj and great muktas for its liberation, but jiva possess ignorance of very old time so it cannot know about such greatness. This assembly belongs to Lord Purusottam so it is omnipresent just as Sriji Maharaj is omnipresent. Where cannot He be? Therefore, saints! Keep Maharaj and such divine assembly with you. Join constantly and behave always like it and should do the same type of talks but never go on talking forgetting Murti. Talking about other things without Murti is like getting late. Therefore, be real experienced. Such time is rare to come again.” Thus all saints were pleased by talk. Then all three sons of Dhanjibhai came to Vrspur from Narayanpur and after darsan of Bapasri requested Bapasri to let saints stay here as many days as they like but when they went back, request them to come to Narayanpur along with this Sadguru and saints and give darsan to all of us. Bapasri told them, “Saints are in hurry to go back because they have responsibility of administrating the temple so they have to go to villages for katha-varta, to collect donation and such many other things, so if we insist them for staying for more days they will not be pleased, otherwise I would keep them for one or two months more. When saints were asked, they were discussing among themselves that to stay one month more would be difficult, then Bapasri said, if you have work, you can go happily. If you stay, I will be pleased and if you go we are always together.” Saying so, Bapasri asked Purani Kesavpriyadasji to go to Bhuj and do katha-varta there and make all happy in the happiness of Murti. “These sadgurus along with saints will come to Bhuj via Narayanpur and will stay there for four days.” Saying so, they were sent off.” Then he himself along with saints came to Narayanpur, there all devotees were given darsan, were made happy with talks and Ṭhakorji was offered meals at Dhanjibhai’s house. Then saints were told to go back to their place, met all and told them to stay at Bhuj for four days. Saints prayingly said to Bapasri to remain pleased with them, as he is always pleased. Bapasri told them, “I am always pleased with you. If you think that the assembly is away or elsewhere it will be a loss. Then more efforts will be required but it will be not so easy. Therefore, always remain in Murti and enjoy happiness of Murti.” Thus, blessing them Bapasri came to Vrspur and saints went to Bhuj. || 145 ||