Samvat 1972, in the of Magsar, Kankuba of Ashlali got chhatri built near tulshikayara where Shriji Maharaj used to brush teeth in Jetalpur. The work was completed in the month of Posh. Then she got a letter written to Bapashri inviting him on the occasion of installation of foot-print (charnarvind) and Parayan at chhatri in the season of spring. Swami Ishwarcharandasji was told by Purani Nandkishordasji, “It will be better if Bapashri does not come in spring but visits at the time of installation of Murti of Ghanshyam Maharaj at His birthplace in Chhapaiya. So Swami Ishwarcharandasji wrote a letter to Bapashri asking him to postpone his programme in vasant and he should come when we go to fetch him because on the day of akshaytrutia idol of Ghansyam Maharaj is going to be installed at Chhapaiya and Thakker Motibhai Jivanbhai of village Upardal would arrange for Parayan. Therefore you may pay your visit in Chaitra Samaiya. That letter reached Bapashri at Vrushpur in the morning on the first day of Maha Sud. For coming to Jetalpur, devotees viz. Devrajbhai etc of Rampar and Khimjibhai etc of Dahisar came to Bapashri’s house but before they start their journey they postponed their programme after reading the letter and Bapashri told them to go to their respective homes because the programme has been cancelled, so devotees went to their respective home.

Swami Vrundavandasji and Swami Ishwarcharandasji, etc. went to Kutch after attending the festival of spring at Muli. They went Vrushpur via Anjar, Bhuj and met Bapashri and told him that they had come to fetch him. Bapashri said, “I will arrange sangh (group of devotees) after hearing the Parayan of Rampar.” On the next day i.e. on the 6th day of Maha Vad, they went to Rampara and the Parayan began on Vad 7th. The Vachanamrut was read in the morning and Bhakta Chintamani was read in the evening.

On the morning of Maha Vad 7th, Vachanamrut was being read. In it, it was asked to remember Shriji Maharaj’s lila (divine acts). Then Bapashri said, “It was asked to remember Maharaj’s lila but some people’s mind go in other incarnation and at other places but here it has been told to remember incarnated Maharaj and incarnated Avtar means Mukta’s lila. Therefore one should remember lilas performed by Shriji Maharaj and his Muktas at various places. Today Maharaj is seated in the centre and the Muktas are seated around Him. The one who knows that Maharaj is seated in centre will have no bound of joy. If one hears incarnated Shriji’s lila unknowingly, cycle of death-birth will be avoided and by knowing that He Himself is present and hears about His greatness his body will become luminous. Such is this assembly. In this satsang incarnation, etc and Brahmkoti and Aksharkoti will have to come, there is no way out- they all have come. In this satsang those who have got birth are going to be liberated. If Vaghari girl marries a king she will be called a queen. Similarly those who come in contact and in satsang should all be known as Mukta. They all are going to achieve the ultimate liberation. The two words viz. Narayan and Purushottam make us forgotten. From Indra-Brahma to Aksharkoti are all said Narayan and Purushottam, so our master Shri Purushottam is above all of them. By remaining extrovert one can see karya (work/activities) and by remaining introvert one can see cause of all, i.e., Murti. The cause of all is covered because of extrovert tendency. Lila which is performed by Shriji Maharaj by dwelling in Akshardham appears to be like that of an ordinary humanbeing to him who is extrovert but to introvert it appears divine by avoiding feelings of humanbeing. In Bhakta Chintamani whose servants are called as atmaram (means not having feeling of body) they are experienced and Anadi. The one who is Anadi when seen physically is called Adi and the one who is invisible that is in Akshardham is called Anadi. Therefore they called Adi Anadi. If Jiva gives up its insistence and gives up its nature and behaves according to the words of Anadi, its senselessness will be destroyed and will get sharp intellect provided it does not become the master. Just as when Alaiya Khachar became the master his dress was taken away that means all His powers given by Shriji Maharaj were taken away. Similarly if one gets supernatural powers and believes that they are his, Shriji Maharaj and Muktas will take them away. Just as if any one violates commands his kanthi, puja, saffron clothes are taken away-therefore do not become master. The one who becomes master, violates commands, appears ugly if we look at him. Because Maharaj left along with assembly from him, so his physical body also does not look good. Therefore Shriji Maharaj and Muktas should be necessarily installed in heart- it is to be done. || 147 ||