When Bapasri had gone to Bhuj for darsan of Ṭhakorji on the occasion of Fuldol festival, saints and devotees of Vrspur did much seva. Bapasri talked about it in the assembly and showed his pleasure. He said, “Such big temples and such places are seen wherever we go up to Chhapaiya. This is all the efforts of saints and devotees. By that seva many have become enjoyers of bliss of Murti in Aksardham because at such places Maharaj has started charity of ultimate liberation, so all activities here have relationship with Murti. Anadi muktas of Maharaj come in our sight to give happiness of Murti to jiva. If they are pleased and if one has trust in them, the technique of achieving goal will become handy and he will become happy in the happiness of Murti- otherwise efforts will be more and result will be less. Sriji Maharaj has said-by getting attached to great muktas and by their seva, the shortcoming would be overcome during this birth which would have done away with after taking hundreds of rebirths- its reason is also the same, so do not miss the opportunity. Some are called senior in satsang but have not understood anything so they describe incarnation of Maharaj and other incarnations at par- how can greatness of great Anadis be understood by them? Some say that all incarnations of God are the same as it is said by those jivas of this world who understand thus. Similarly those who have not understood this talk say that incarnations of Ram, Krsna, etc. are the incarnations of Maharaj. They further say that during those incarnations the capacity was shown in less proportion whereas this time it has been shown more. Moreover they say that God is only one-the same God, how can they be called small or big! They do have such understanding and there, such understanding is also given to those jivas who trust them, so how can Maharaj and muktas be pleased on them! Great muktas have left nothing in explaining, even then the talk of supremacy of incarnate- incarnation is not accepted by jiva. How can they get the happiness of Maharaj! If one understands that Maharaj is the doer, supporter, controller and cause of infinite Rama, infinite Krsna and infinite muktas, and of everything, then he has achieved knowledge. He is God of infinite gods and He has come to our house- Anadi Mukta Gunatitanand Swami has said thus. Moreover Anadi Mukta Gopalanand Swami has also said much about supreme greatness of Maharaj. If one has faith in great anadi mukta, that talk would be understood but by one’s own intellect cannot be understood. Some are said to be educated but they search for this talk in paroksa scripture (means scriptures of incarnation other than that of Maharaj) how they can find! Sriji Maharaj says thus, ‘Avya nathi ne avshun kyanthi re, te to vicharone manmanthi re’ (had not come and from where will come, this is to be understood in mind). So who can explain the greatness of Sriji Maharaj without Anadi muktas, who are enjoyers of the bliss of Murti. When Sriji Maharaj met Anadi Mukta Ramanand Swami, since then Swamisri used to say that this Nilkantha Brahmachari is worth praying even by great Ram, Krsna, Vasudev, Aksar, etc. and also is worth worshipping, but such words are not taken by heart and jiva does not believe in what muktas say-how can he get happiness of Maharaj? Therefore, all know Maharaj as He is.” Talking thus, Bapasri pleased devotees and came to Vrspur. ||126||