On the morning of Magsar Vad 12th, Brahmchari Vairagyanandji asked a question in the assembly. He said, “In this 17th Vachanamrut of Sarangpur ten kinds of category of Muktas have been stated. In it, great Muktas in the form of luminescence are called the best how can we know that we have become form of luminescence?” Bapashri said, “Only Param Ekantik are called form of luminescence and you have become form of Anadi Mukta who is above big luminescence by grace and by this association. This, you do not experience. It is just like an egg of a bird, which is dependent but when it comes out of egg, it will get wings and go in the sky and will be known as Khechar (a bird). Similarly, dependence of shri Purushottam are all having barrier of body. Till then they are dependent like an egg, but when the barrier of this body is removed, you will enjoy the bliss of Shri Purushottam. There is limitless and divine bliss in Murti and its limit for bound can not be gauged even by infinite Muktas enjoy in dwelling Murti. Just as Chintamani is small but it makes true, wishes of innumerable people and gives whatever they wish. Similarly there is boundless bliss is Maharaj’s Murti. || 247 ||