On the morning of Maha Vad 30th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Thoughts of this assembly are so powerful that it can take anydevotee to Akshardham; such is the power, but Shriji Maharaj has prevented it. In order that there remains feeling of servant and therefore you are not allowed to know it. If one remains as the servant of a servant by having the divine feeling for such saint, he can remain in the court (presence) of Shriji Maharaj. ‘Das Tamara dasno mane rakho nath hajur e var mangun chhun‘ (I pray that please keep me as the servant of your servant). Thus who remains as the servant of the servant, Maharaj keeps him in his presence. So one should become servant of all but should not become great. Moreover one should not insist for the implementation of his wish, should not imbibe any one’s fault and we should not give up kindness as the wicked person does not give up his wickedness. In the half part of Vachanamrut Shriji Maharaj has cautioned his devotee against finding faults in Muktas and in the other half portion He has written about the knowledge, renunciation, devotion, dharma, mahatmya etc. understanding the greatness in real sense. We should be afraid of betraying any one, and one should not feel proud of wisdom or intellect. One who find faults in this assembly, he will become empty-just as when it snows, the seeds will be burnt and there will remain only husk. In this satsang many found faults with such truthful person like Sadguru Swami Harinarayandasji and went away from satsang. If we water dates tree, etc it bears fruits, otherwise not. Similarly if Murti is kept, happiness will come but it will not come by adopting means only. Shriji Maharaj put a vessel on a stand and that vessel remained full with ghee, i.e., though ghee was taken out of it, the quantity in it remained the same. Similarly Muktas dwell in Murti since time immemorial and bliss of Murti and Murti does not end for them. Just as a child remains happy by sucking milk from its mother’s breast, similarly Muktas remain blissful in the bliss of Maharaj. Just as Maharaj and Muktas are divine, their services also divine. So devotees should give full charity (donation). But if that money of charity is spent for legal purposes or for construction of temple or for digging wells- one should not think that it is wasted, it is dedicated to Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj gives divine bliss in exchange of inanimate objects, so it should not be doubted. || 154 ||