On the day of Jeth Sud 6th, the 51st Vachanamrut of the first chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that if we see through the eyes of Purushottam, we do not see anything else excepting Purushottam.

Somchandbhai of Karachi asked, “Is that sight is of physical eyes? Then Bapashri said, “The one who merges in Lord Purushottam’s Murti that means our soul is engrossed in Murti and sees through the eyes of Purushottam is called seeing through Purushottam’s eyes.

Sheth Hiralalbhai of Karachi asked, “How can we engross in Purushottam?” Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj keeps his devotee, for whom he has deep love, in His Murti as sugar is there in milk.”

His brother Seth Savaldasbhai said, “Milk and sugar are formless whereas is God and Mukta are formless or having form?” Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj and His Mukta are always having forms and Shriji Maharaj keeps His devotee’s soul giving it form, his feet in His feet, his hand in His hand, his head in His head, his eyes in His eyes, his ears in His ears, all his organs in His organs.

Somabhai of Amdavad said, “In Vachanamrut it has been said that God’s greatness is understood in association with saints. Can we understand His greatness through Himself?” Bapashri said, “If God Himself meets, He will explain His greatness and if saints meets, saints will explain and this is also explained by God through the medium of saints. Therefore, it should be known that His greatness is understood through Him only.

Govindbhai of Jetpur said, “The diamond cuts the diamond, which are these two diamonds?” Bapashri said, “One diamond is Maharaj and saint, in the other is Mumukshu (Seeker). While meditating if we are engrossed and feel our head in Maharaj’s head, our hand is in Maharaj’s hand, it is called the diamond is cut.

Swami Balkrishnadasji made devotees worship supreme being in Rampara of Zalawad (Surendranagar district), but another Brahmchari would disturb it and speak against Swami’s preaching and would not allow the worship (Upashana) of Maharaj to become firm. Such activity will give him its fruit and he will have to suffer. Bapashri said what is your status and what is mine? It is the meeting of an ant and an elephant. I know all Jivas, be alert, otherwise you will be no where. Now- a- days every one goes to Saiyad who has come now but they do not go to these saints. You are such that you can cure diseases if we surrender to you. All are called devotees, harijan (lower caste) and saiyad are also called devotees but what is use of it? If knowledge comes, it will liberate from sins of infinite births. Than talking about meal (Rasoi) Bapashri said, “What is the use of pampering senses?” Purani Dharmakishordasji said, “What should we do if there are many such activities?” Bapashri said, “Have less Ladu (sweet ball) and more of Dal-Pulse and vegetables.” When Govindpriyadasji came here, the one who offered meals put much ghee in shiro (sweet preparation of wheat flour). Govindpriyadasji spoiled the shiro. Thus was his renunciation. Jiva can not remain without passion- what to do? I do not allow my sons to get bound in illusion (Maya). My principle is that one who knows me, gets attached to me, I save him from illusion. This village is blooming like lotus. Pure soul is divine but it has become impure in bad company. It has become divine again, form of Purushottam, because it was pure but became impure in bad company. It was black and became white, became tall and than became short. Tell me how it has become. The seed, which is original, grows in illusion as well in this opportunity. God’s devotees should think that someone may divert his attention to such a thing, which is most worth seeing. The bad company does not allow to understand the greatness of Muktas. Many such talks were delivered by Bapashri. Bapashri said, “If there is satang in Jiva, he will be proud of satang. He (Bapashri) gave the example of Keshavlalbhai of Amdavad. His hand was fractured”. Sheth Lalubhai of Karanchi said that saint of Bhuj would not do such thing. Bapashri said, “They are suppressed by me but see when I am not there. They will not even care for great king and may do which should not be done.” || 235 ||