On the morning of Magsar Vad 4th, the 25th Vachanamrut of the first chapter was being read. In it, there is reference about Atmanistha (sincerity about self) and determination without which it remains unfulfilled. Bapashri said, “How can one get happiness by only means? In the 27th Vachanamrut of the first chapter it is said that Maharaj does activities by dwelling in senses of saints- it is Maharaj who does it. If He is left, everything is over. Saints become support – doors of Akshardham- if he serves Maharaj improperly, he cannot get status of saint. If he does the means to please Maharaj and Mukta and obeys commands properly, he becomes saint. He cannot become saint by reciting one or two or hundred or thousand shlokas – that means after taking so many births he can become saint. Unless he pleases Muktas, he cannot become saint – only after pleasing them, he will get that status. Senses are like a blind horse. They may throw anywhere. The one who is not following norms of religion is called blind. Then, there was a talk about nice Tumbdi (kind of wooden vessel) which fascinates. Bapashri said, “What is nice and what is bad in tumbdi? These are all passions”. Formerly groups of saint used to come from Amdavad. This group would stay at Bhuj for four months and in village for four months and in Karachi for four months. Once while coming to Vruspur this group saw nice tumbdi in the fencing of farm and all were fascinated and they started quarreling over it. Then Kunvarjibhai Patel said, “Let me see”. They showed him and he broke it and gave a piece to each saint. Saints were ashamed and felt that Patel put us in awkward position. Jiva has passion, which is like blind horse. “juvo jivan moh nindra mathi jagi” (wake up from fascinated sleep and see the life). We have met such Swminarayan Lord and saints whom you cannot get in infinite cosmos. They were rare. Now easily available. In the men while devotees of Motera came for darshan. A saint told Bapashri to put his hand on their heads. Then Bapashri said, “They will have to leave Motera, and Amdavad. There is no way out without making it firm. Worship (Upashna), Determination, Atmanishtha (sincerity), everything should be matured. Then only you will get divine body in this physical body. If he thinks that he has been fulfilled, it is wrong. Life is short and within that short period make it fulfilled. Siddhis spoiled much. Some may think that siddhis come while going to Akshardham but it is not so. If you get service from someone, honour, authority, they are called siddhis. If you are taken away by these siddhis, other siddhis will not be obstacles – you will not be taken away by beauty, taste, etc. Then only it is said that you have won siddhis. “kanak tajyo kamini tajyo, tajyo dhatu ko sang, tulsi laghu bhojan kari jive man ke rang” (he gave up gold, gave up woman, gave up company of metal, saint Tulsi says Jiva keeps pride by even though he eats little food). Pride is very deep. Maharaj has given much happiness but jiva is unable to enjoy it. It has childish nature. If one knows truth as God, soul, saint, fascination will be avoided and he will be called matured satsangi. He who does not obey command is refused salvation. || 244 ||