Saints who had come from Amdavad and Muli and devotees like Asabhai who were always in Bapasri’s seva left for Gujarat after fifteen-twenty days when the work of Bapasri was over. To give them send off Bapasri’s sons, grand sons, devotees from various villages, relatives of Bapasri went with them for about two miles. Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked them to return but nobody would return because henceforth there were only two Sadgurus after Bapasri’s leaving this world who would talk about happiness of Murti so all prayed to them with folded hands and begged their blessings. Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked all to stop and asked them to talk about happiness of Murti among themselves according to Bapasri’s commands and remain happy. Bapasri has gone nowhere. Wherever there is Sriji Maharaj, Bapasri and infinite muktas are there- know thus and remain pleased by remembering them. Saying so all were made to return and saints went to Bhuj. There they stayed for two days. Then Bhogilalbhai , Dhanjibhai, Lalsankarbhai, Motibhai, Narayanbhai, etc. devotees prayed to Swami and requested them to stay back for a month more and build a memorial at the place where Bapasri was cremated because this place is very great in the form Mahaprasadi. At the place where Sriji Maharaj was seated, Bapasri got chhatri built, performed big yajna and foot print (charanarvind) of Maharaj had been placed and blessings of ultimate liberation has been given by Bapasri to those who come for darsan. In such a holy place it was destined for Bapasri’s incarnation. Moreover his last rites were also performed there. So this place is considered to be very miraculous. Therefore it will be better if you go back after getting chhatri built where Bapasri was cremated. Sadgurus, etc. saints considered the proposal to be proper. So Mistry Govind Arjan Mepani was called from Vrspur and got the plan prepared. Seeing this, all devotees were pleased and thanked Swami for their staying back. Then Mistry Govind Arjan and others who could do the work came to Vrspur along with Swami Isvarcharanadasji and some saints etc. The devotees of the village were told about the plan so they were also pleased and said to Swami that it was well and good that he came from Bhuj for the work. Many jivas will be liberated when such memorial of Bapasri will be ready. Saying so, the work was started. Devotees of the village also did seva with much love in this work. They believed that where could they get such divine seva. Then Mistry Govindbhai sent for Mistry Viraji Manjibhai of Vekra and told him that they had to do the work of chhatri so Swami had called them. Hearing this he was also very much pleased and had darsan of Ṭhakorji and Swami, etc. saints. Then he said to Swami, “You have shown much mercy on me by informing me and that was good. I am always eager for Bapasri’s pleasure because when the work of the temple of Madhapur was on, Bapasri showing the pleasure on me at the place of upper storey of Narayanbhai’s house had said that since I was an artist, whatever work I do, I should do it remembering Murti. Since then I have been remembering those words so where can I get the chance to give such seva for Bapasri’s memorial?” saying so, he showed much enthusiasm. Others who were also doing work were doing it with love knowing that it was the work of Bapasri’s pleasure. They and Bapasri’s sons and grand-sons and devotees who were eager to do seva in this work were often given darsan by Bapasri and were shown his divine feeling. They all thought that Bapasri had much pleasure in this work. Once when work of pillar was going on, at ten o’clock in the night Bapasri gave his physical (pratyksha) darsan to Mistry Virjibhai and asked him if he was making pillars of chhatri. He told Bapasri that he was doing so. At that time Bapasri said to Virjibhai to remember what he was told in Madhapur and do the work thoroughly, saying so he vanished. That talk was told by Mistry to Swamisri etc. saints, so all were remaining eager to do the work of chhatri with much love. Thus the work was over in a month so Swamisri tied turban to Mistry Govindbhai and Virjibhai. Then Swamisri blessed them and also all devotees who were doing seva-they were blessed with Bapasri’s pleasure and for keeping them in Murti and said that they had done much seva in the work of chhatri. This memorial became a place of new charity in the form of ultimate liberation for many saints and devotees because whosoever will come for darsan will easily have memory of Bapasri. Bapasri’s virtues, divinity, power, and with his boundless compassionate sight will have the memory of Sriji Maharaj along with infinite muktas, many seekers (mumuksu) will realise the work in the form of liberation. Saying so, pleasing all devotees, Swamisri, etc. saints came to Gujarat via Bhuj. || 157 ||