On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 13th Bapashri along with saints and devotees went to Kakarwadi to bathe. After taking bath, mental worship was performed under babul tree. Thereafter saints proposed to Bapashri to initiate the talk. Bapashri, showing his grace, started the talk and said, “Param Ekantik and Anadi Muktas have no any other interest except Murti of Shriji Maharaj. If one knows it he will become humble; his desire of senses will disappear, and will become the servant of a servant. So long there is Shriji Maharaj in satsang, all work will be done. There is no happiness in routine satsang. There is happiness or not by remaining in association will only be known when one gets the happiness of Murti. The fruit of every means is Murti. One may do every thing like jap, tap (penance), service, rosary, mental worship, but if he does not do effort for the happiness of Murti which is the fruit of every thing. Just as the well is dug for getting water. Similarly the fruit of means, service, association, is Murti. There is peace in association because there is Murti. We get joy from the words of Anadi Muktas because they speak dwelling in Murti. This yagna in the form of knowledge and Murti is of Shriji Maharaj; Anadi Muktas are serving dishes and seekers are diners. Param Ekantik, Anadi Muktas, and Shriji Maharaj are together. Anadi Muktas are in Murti so it should not be taken that they have come alone without Maharaj. There is no illusion (maya) in their eye. It is the tradition of this world that they fear, run away, defeat, win, etc. but they are in Murti only. They give happiness to seekers and they know that it is given by Maharaj but do not believe themselves to be the giver; they consider themselves as servants. We should not remain poor in spite of meeting such Muktas. Our nature should not be like the queen who wanders for begging. Everything has been brought today by Shriji Maharaj but the jiva is not ready to believe because of ignorance. If the mind is surrendered to Muktas, ignorance will be removed. But mind is not surrendered on account of pride. Murti is peaceful and cool and Muktas are also as cool and as peaceful as Murti. ‘Shital shant chhe re, tejni upma nav devay‘ (They are peaceful and cool but simile of luminescence can not be given). If we associate with them, they make us cool. Just as water is filled in zab (kind of vessel). Similarly prideless person is endowed with Murti and virtues, and Muktas are pleased.” || 30 ||