On the day of Vaishakh Sud 13th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Muktas have as much power as Shriji Maharaj has, Muktas knows as much as Maharaj knows, and Muktas seem to be unknown though knowing every thing like Shriji Maharaj. Such Muktas devoid of attributes (nirgun) are praised by Shriji Maharaj for their attributes. That has been said by Shriji Maharaj in the 37th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada that He is desirous of their darshan. Therefore if we associate with Muktas by attaching mind and by heart, we shall reach up to happiness of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. Just as a mosquito which is in the wings of the eagle reaches to the sky. Muktas are immersed in Maharaj’s Murti from toe to head. One can get as much benefit as he wishes. Just as one gets illusive happiness as much as he wishes from parasmani, chintamani, kalpataru. Similarly one gets divine happiness from Shriji Maharaj and His Muktas as much as he desires. Muktas are divine like Maharaj but in our eyes, we consider them as ordinary human beings. One does not become happy till he has not experienced the bliss of Maharaj. There is real benefit in the present time. Whatever we want to make can be made – it is great benefit. One is called perfect satsangi when he is in constant touch with all the four viz., satrup Maharaj, satrup saint and satrup dharma as told by them and satrup scripture in which there is description of the three. || 122 ||