On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 6th Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “Muktas are Anadi but they have not become Anadi Mukta by worshipping (worshipping is not the attribute to Anadi Mukta). Had they become Anadi Mukta by worshipping then Shriji Maharaj should have been alone some time, but it is not so. Just as Maharaj is Anadi (immortal), Mukta is Anadi (immortal). The greatness of Maharaj is beyond words, Anadi Mukta always gets happiness by dwelling in Maharaj’s Murti. They appear here as human beings by the wish of Maharaj with dwelling in Murti. They neither come here nor go from here and their appearance as human beings and doing activities is got done by Maharaj and preaching to the soul is also done by Maharaj through the medium of Muktas. Maharaj preaches the soul through the medium of Muktas, and makes soul like that Muktas, and keeping that soul with Mukta gives happiness like the happiness of Mukta. That Mukta through whose medium the soul has been made Mukta is the main Mukta for it. Just as when the hot wind blows there will be strange sound, similarly one gets different kinds of endless bliss from Maharaj’s Murti. Just as if we repeat the same story of Maharaj every day, it will not give joy and if every day new stories are told, joy will increase. Similarly bliss of Maharaj is always new and of infinite kind. The jiva makes the mistake of leaving aside that bliss and believes that it has happiness in activity and forgets Murti. Just as when there was first hair cutting ceremony of Shriji Maharaj, His father Dharmapita and mother Bhaktimata remained busy in service of feeding Brahmins and forgot Maharaj. Then kalidatta came and obstructed. Similarly the Jiva forgets Maharaj so enemies like passion, anger, etc obstruct the Jiva.

Swami Vrundavandasji said, “Meditation is not getting done properly and Murti is not imbibed, please show your favour so I can meditate.” Bapashri replied, “If you go deep in heart Murti can be imbibed.” Then at the same time he started meditating and went deep in heart and saw luminescence but did not see Murti. Then he came out of meditation and humbly told Bapashri that Murti is not seen. Then Bapashri told him to meditate and assured that it will be seen. Then he meditated and was very much pleased by seeing Murti. || 50 ||