On the evening of Bhadarva Vad 13th, Bapashri and all saints and devotees went to bathe at Kakarwadi. After bathing they sat under babul tree and performed mental worship.

Bapashri said, “When Ganesbhai left this world in Kapadvanj. Anadi Maha Muktaraj Sadguru Sree Nirgundasji Swami along with his group was here in the temple. Swami was in meditation in the morning till saint read katha for an hour. After meditation, he talked for an hour. Then he said, “Ganeshbhai had asked for a boon that at the time of his death I should give him darshan and take him. He left this world at this time and has been put in the bliss of Maharaj.” Such is the power of Muktas. After the talk was over every one prostrated before one another and then came to the temple and sang devotional song. Then aarti was performed and saints sang a devotional song-‘sakhi gokul gamna chowkma re.’ Bapashri said, “Shriji Maharaj made saints play rash in Panchala at Zinabhai’s darbar.” At that time, Brahmanand Swami was told to give a new poem/kavya and make saints to sing it. Then Brahmanand Swami made saints sing the aforesaid devotional song. During that time it was the wish of Shriji Maharaj to drive away Kaliyug and bring Satyug- such long should be the night and seven rounds of saints were made. Saints were tired by constant singing so Brahmanand Swami told a saint that Maharaj will not get it stopped, all saints are tired and tomorrow there is a festival of Fuldol so they will have to sing again. Therefore let some one go to the staying place and shout ‘a thief, a thief’ so all will disperse. Then a saint shouted as he was told and all saints dispersed. Then Shriji Maharaj told Brahmanand Swami that he had disturbed the function. He (Maharaj) said, “I wanted to establish Satyug by driving away Kaliyug. Half of the Kaliyug has left and the other half has remained. Two lacs thirteen thousand five hundred years have passed- such long was the night. In the seven rounds of saints there were Param Ekantik Muktas who are before me in Akshardham, they were in the first round. And the second was of Mul-Aksharkoti, the third was of Vasudevbrahmkoti, the fourth was of Golok, the fifth was of Pradhan-Purush, the sixth was of Vaikunthlok, and the seventh was of this Mortal world. Thus seven rounds were made in sequence. Thus Shriji Maharaj talked. || 115 ||