On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 11th Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Where is the difficulties if great Mukta give Murti?” Bapashri replied, “If Muktas give Murti soon, one would not digest like Zumakhram. Therefore they call jiva, give offering of God, talk, etc. If single activity is continued for a long time, it will be cause of tamogun (quality of ignorance) and the words will intermingle and could not be understood properly. It is Ekadashi today and I wanted to continue the discourses for long time but you would not be able to digest it. I perform activity as per the capacity of your soul and get it done from you in the same way but the goal is to give Murti. That will be given after making you worthy of it. In all activities there should be link of Murti and other rituals should be lessened. If rituals take time, there will be no time for worship, chanting, katha-varta (discourse), knowledge, meditation, etc. Means of renunciation, non-attachment, etc. are like an axe, association with saints is like an adze and those who make happy in the happiness of Maharaj by making us introvert are like a carpenter’s plane. There is no other means or rituals than association with Muktas who remove maya (illusion) from the soul. Therefore we should associate with pious persons in all our activities and should keep eagerness for meditating on Murti. If the speaker and the audience are sincere, the jiva will get the point. In the same way just as mercury enters the food grain. The jiva becomes form of Mukta and happiness, power, elucidation will increase and as a result the jiva will become as pure as Shri Purushottam. Such is the importance of association with sincere speaker whose association you have got today. Just as with the touch of paras (philosopher’s stone) it becomes parah, similarly with the association of Anadi one becomes Anadi. We should not give up means even though we may be fortunate to get the association of Muktas but the importance of means should be given up. Those who are sincere in their efforts, will surely be fortunate to get such association by the grace of Shriji Maharaj.” || 25 ||