Bapasri said, “If a householder is satsangi, he should know that his real family is this satsang. The family of the householder without the family of satsang, it is called as deep pit. The real family and the real home is the satsang. If the son is having bad company, he is also not called a family member. Similarly, we should know about all relatives. Other relatives of this body are innumerable because the whole cosmos is full of them. Sons of same father are called satsangi. Know that Maharaj is the Father of all of us, knowing thus, one should remain happy by doing katha-varta. Katha-varta gives nourishment to the happiness in God’s Murti and in meditation. Those who are realised do not come out of Murti. They have constant relationship with Maharaj. So try to maintain contact with them as much as possible but bind the mind with great muktas and they make us fulfilled at the time of death. Maharaj and great muktas are our guardians. If we want to cross the sea, the boat will be our aid. Similarly, liberation is not possible without Maharaj. The blind man has to be guided. Similarly, Maharaj and great muktas protect jiva very much otherwise what is the support of jiva? This treasure is very big; its protectors are Sriji Maharaj and great muktas- otherwise there are many obstacles. The child fears whether it will get the thing it wants or not. But parents have kept it for it- how can they deny? Similarly, bliss of Murti is kept for the one whose upasana is sincere– He will definitely give. We got great benefit. It is rare benefit. What to talk about Maharaj and great muktas! And where are we! Our relation is surprisingly established. Just as the relationship between an English man and a poor labour is suddenly established. Similarly, our contact with Maharaj and muktas is established. The one who has love for Sriji Maharaj’s beloved independent Anadi Maha muktas, faith in them and unparalleled devotion towards them will not remain unfulfilled. Our happiness is stored by Maharaj and muktas. If the bliss of Maharaj comes without one’s worth, he will consider himself as God or he will install someone else as God. If the real thing is seen by jiva it cannot digest it. Therefore, after becoming worthy one should keep eagerness for the bliss of Murti but do not allow ego. Where can one get such word, such talk and such opportunity? Therefore, avoid indigestion. He who has become one with Lord Purusottam will see the satsang as divine. The one, who behaves according to the words of muktas, behaves in the words of Sriji Maharaj. The words of Sriji Maharaj and muktas are the same and they are His echo- such is the unity. Where there is Murti know that there is centre of Aksardham. The one having mayik sight will see it as mayik but it is divine. Great saints dwelling here even give darsan elsewhere and they hide their capacity. He who comes in their grace, also sees nothing else excepting Maharaj and muktas. The one who has established relationship with such muktas will get his work done easily. Maharaj and muktas are not away from us. We have got real guidance. Simile of power of luminescence of Murti and the enjoyer of happiness cannot be given by the physical body. It is beyond limit. Even the divine body does not find the limit. Just as the sea cannot be crossed by the strength of arm. Therefore be real knowledgeable and recognise such great muktas, associate with them and take the happiness. The heart cannot be cooled without that happiness. If greatness of Murti is understood, the sight will reach in happiness and can soon return. Otherwise, even if all temples may be built of gold, heart will not be cooled. Therefore, get yourself fulfilled. The way in which one requires presence of Maharaj’s muktas they are there in satsang in the same way. If jiva is attached to them by mind, deed and words, maya will not defeat it. It rains when hot wind is blowing, everything will become cool- such is the capacity of maya. Then what is to say about them with whom Sriji Maharaj is constantly together, suffers no affliction? Therefore, if one comes in contact with real great muktas, recognises them, gets attached to them, all his desires will be fulfilled. This is very great happiness and jiva is too young to digest it. When we go to Maharaj after leaving body, we know our earning. Luminescence of Murti is cool, calm and form of bliss and Sriji Maharaj dwells in it constantly. The real bliss is in that Murti. We have got opportune time but jiva is foolish since long, so it does not go to God. Our path is different. We should not look elsewhere and should not believe oneself to be unfulfilled, and should not be puffed up by believing oneself perfect. Continue doing katha-varta and association with great muktas. By the grace of muktas, I am already with Maharaj. If one understands that there is no where to come and go, it is called ultimate liberation. All muktas are in Murti. How do they know one another? Just as fragrance comes from flowers but it is of various kind. So we recognise different kinds of flowers. Then Bapasri distributed prasad of sugar to saints and devotees. At that time, Purani Hariprasaddasji asked Bapasri, “What kind of achievement will the eater of this prasad get?” Bapasri said, “He will achieve bliss of Murti in Aksardham.” It is rare to get this Prasad. Believe this sugar as divine thing of Aksardham, in the path of knowledge describes what is false, what is true, etc. but in my opnion real thing is Swaminarayana’s Murti and that is the real knowledge. Aksaradhipati Purusottamnarayana is Sriji Maharaj that is causal Murti. On the basis of the knowledge of that Murti, everything should be made false, because we want to realise only Murti. Who will say false as true? In the coins of thousand rupee separate counterfeit coins- then who will say they are genuine. We should keep real thing that is Swaminarayana. Murti is divine form and mukta is divine form- both these forms are divine. By their power, everything becomes divine. Maharaj says Jay Sachchidanand- He says it to His muktas. Just as someone goes to the others’ house to dine, he remembers his wife and children. Similarly, after saying Jay Sachchidanand Maharaj comes to His lodging place. There He remembers His divine assembly. That assembly is there already. Those who are rotten will remain aside. Muktas, mumuksu are all under the refuge of Maharaj. When there is real experiential knowledge, Murti will be attracted.” To elaborate the point example of Mulaji and Krsnaji was given. “This talk is very great but the wisdom of this world does not allow jiva to keep faith. If one keeps faith in Maharaj and muktas, goal will be achieved.” || 93 ||