Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “We should have divine feeling for Maharaj and Anadi muktas and in this feeling we should know their human behaviour- what is it? We should share their joy and sorrow but if muktas are in sorrow, we should not think that why they have worries. We should not be so harsh towards them. Thus, we should share their sorrows. The words of great Anadis are beyond the reach of senses and conscience (antaḥkaran). The soul is capable to catch those words. Therefore, whatever words come out from the mouth of great Anadis should be taken deep in heart by listening, pondering, and contemplation. Just as a worm becomes a wasp. Similarly, one will become a mukta immediately; but if one is inattentive, he misses the point. A devotee stole footprint (charanarvind) from a saint knowing its importance. He was considered to be a good devotee but he did not think that though he knew the importance of footprint (charanarvind), he did not understand the greatness of Him (Maharaj) whose footprints they were and he did the act of theft, which would have displeased Maharaj. Therefore, no one should do like that. The greatness of Maharaj and great Anadi muktas should be known much. If they say, it is day even though it is night, it is day only; and if they say it is midnight even though it is day, it is night only. If one believes without doubt, he is really faithful because they have no covering of day or night. Then only he will understand happiness of Maharaj and muktas as it is. On this point, Sriji Maharaj has told Brahmanand Swami about it. Bapasri said, “Whatever Maharaj and great muktas say must be all right and true but jiva cannot know it because jiva’s sight is mayik whereas sight of Maharaj and muktas is divine so jiva cannot know in that thing, and the talks of muktas are beyond his wisdom. If he knows that great Anadi muktas and Maharaj have come only for good of jiva so they would not say anything, which may spoil jiva. Moreover, they do not have any selfish motive because they do not have any enmity with jiva. So they will not lead him on a wrong track. Unless there is such understanding, jiva will not be happy. If one understands in all things that Maharaj and great muktas are there only for the benefit of jiva, he will not find it difficult to believe in any word. But if he understands great muktas as he himself is and associate with them with ignorance, how it is possible to understand the talk, which he has to understand- not at all. Therefore, if he associates with Anadi and Maharaj by darsan, touch, get attached to by giving up his ignorance and knowing them as divine, it will be proper. Great Anadi muktas and Maharaj are compassionate. Their sympathy is limitless, ocean of compassion.” Thus, Bapasri talked showing his favour. || 79 ||