In Samvat year 1955, in the month of Bhadarva, Ramjibhai’s illness was going from bad to worse. So he made a sankalpa to go to Kutch and informed to his relatives that he wanted to go surely to Bapasri. As such take me to Kutch in comfortable palanquin (mena) by getting me slept. His relatives told him that he could not go because he might die on the way. Ramjibhai insisted that even if died on the way he wanted to go without fail. All his relatives were confused and thought how they would take him. On that night Bapasri gave him darsan in the mass of luminescence and told him that it is not that he was only in Kutch and not at other places. Bapasri added that he was already near him because he was omnipresent and advised him to give up sankalpa of going to Kutch. Remember Maharaj and muktas and on the sixth day from that day he would fetch him and Bapasri disappeared. Ramjibhai was very much pleased and told his relatives that Bapasri had given him darsan and promised him that on the sixth day Bapasri would take him to Aksardham. So they should not worry and programme of going to Kutch was cancelled. On the sixth day Maharaj and Bapasri gave darsan to all and took him to Aksardham. || 14 ||