On the morning of Bhadarva Vad 7th, the 6th Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that pride of devotion should not be allowed. Bapashri said, “If one becomes envious while doing devotion, devotion will be of failure. Just as one plants a tree and waters it but if it gets rotten, it will not bear fruits. If Jiva removes ‘I-ness’, all its flaws will destroy. When the soul becomes pure Murti will be seen. Therefore do not eat poison by keeping aside nectar in the form of Murti. Everything else except Murti is poison. Bapashri quoted, “Amrut ras meli re vish hu shid chakhu” (why should I taste poison keeping aside juice of nectar) and said you have got a very big thing. But Jiva does not know how to get it but happiness is only in it. When Jiva becomes indifferent to worldly affairs and thinks of becoming a saint, it resolves to eat food, which is got by beseeching from householder, will serve the saint, do meditation, worship, and will listen to saints. If this resolution remains till death there will not be any harm. Such resolution should be made but resolution of being worshipped, fame/reputation, material objects, etc. should not be made. It brought 100 to 200 dhoti or much donation by doing katha-varta, made a devotee to give service, etc., he should believe that all is given to Shriji Maharaj. No body gives us. If we keep Mahapraphuji with us, then it is given but if we leave aside Mahaprabhuji no body will care for us. Worshipping, glory is all done for Mahaprabhuji but no body worships us-such resolution should made. Bapashri quoted, “Man muke man male, man rakhe man jaye” (if you give up honour, you will be honoured, and keep honour and you will not be honoured). || 106 ||