On the next day of Fagana Vad 9th, Dhanjibhai awoke and greeted the family members with Jay Swaminarayana. At that time his sons asked him if they could call Bapasri. Dhanjibhai said, “You are doing my seva day and night. Moreover you read parayana of Vachanamrt. You also did the katha of Bhaktachintamani, even then you want to call Bapasri. Here is Bapasri. Here sit Maharaj and infinite muktas. Just see this is Gopalanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, etc. and many saints are also sitting. All are luminous even then why do you say so?” Thus at that time Dhanjibhai had darsan of Maharaj, Bapasri, etc. including many muktas. Then Dhanjibhai left for the Aksardham (heavenly abode) after saying Jay Swaminarayana to all. This incident was narrated to devotee by Bapasri at Vrspur and then Bapasri left for Narayanpur. Dhanjibhai was seated in palanquin and devotees were going to the crematorium ground in the festive mood. At the entrance of the village Bapasri met them. Then devotees laid down the palanquin and prostrated before Bapasri. Bapasri moved his hand over Dhanjibhai and uttered the words ‘Dhanji Bachcha! Go, I am coming.’ Saying so, Bapasri covered a new cloth over the body of Dhanjibhai. Then devotees were told to lift the palanquin. When they started with the palanquin gulal was sprinkled in all directions and there was very good fragrance. Everybody looked up and wondered from where so much gulal and so much fragrance came. Then for performing last rites the body was taken at the riverbank and his body was cremated there. At that time Bapasri was also there with all. Bapasri said, “The vacuum has been created in Narayanpur and more over in Kutch as well in whole satsang vacuum has been created- know thus and thereby indirectly hinted (suggested) about his journey for Aksardham (heavenly abode).

On the day of Fagana Vad 12th, the people of Kanabi community came at Dhanjibhai’s house for condolence. At that time Bapasri told all, that the death of Dhanji had created vacuum- it is a great loss in the eyes of this world.” He further said, “I am also guest and am ready to leave this world.” Hearing this, devotees became very sad. All devotees prayed to Bapasri and asked why he was showing gloom often. Then Bapasri said that it might be according to the wish of Maharaj. He advised to join Murti as Dhanjibhai had joined and become happy. Thus, all were consoled. || 128 ||