On the day of Kartak Vad 7th, Khimjibhai of Narayanpur sang a devotional song in the assembly. ‘Anand apyo ati ghano re, a sabhama albel Purusottam pragati re’ (at this assembly abundant joy has been given by amorous Purusottam after His incarnation). Then Bapasri said in the assembly, “At this time the autumn has set in since Maharaj has taken incarnation. As a result fountain of joy emits so jiva becomes very happy by such opportunity. Whatever one wants is there in the assembly. He, who has experienced happiness of Maharaj, will have no liking for anything else. To elaborate the point, example of Anadi Mukta Sadguru Swarupanand Swami was given. He went on a tour by the order of Maharaj but wherever he went he did not see human beings excepting Murti. Similarly, we should also feel that there are no human beings elsewhere excepting in such divine assembly and Maharaj, knowing thus, stick to Murti. If anyone in this assembly takes Maharaj as human being, makes thoughts aversely, it will be very bad. Jay-Vijay had reached to abode of God but they insulted Sanak, etc. without recognising them and feeling themselves proud of their position, so they were cursed so they worshipped for three rebirths as devils. They were worshipped as demons. They had to suffer because of their fault. One who betrays the devotee of God will face the punishment of devilish wisdom –do not tread on that path. Maharaj and Anadi sit in the assembly. Keep such divine feeling that this assembly is that of Aksardham. If one knows the greatness of great muktas with love and faith, much work will be done. If we keep only God’s Murti, covering will have no effect and will become happy. Many jivas become mumuksu, ekantik and param ekantik. Their first covering the earth becomes null and void- how can it be known to us? It is known when somebody gives garland of flower of good or bad quality. The second covering is that of taste. If one is taken away by the sense of taste, he is said to be attracted to it. In this we should know about other coverings. We should behave according to commands by becoming needy- we have to do that much only. Here an example was quoted. A Bania (business man) made a loss of hundred thousands rupees. Then creditor demanded his money but how could he give? That Richman asked that Bania to give him a thousand rupees and in turn he would write off all his debt. The Bania said how could he give when he had nothing with him? The Richman again said to the Bania to give him hundred rupees so that his debt would be written off. The Bania said he had nothing with him. Then creditor told him to do as he tells him. He asked the Bania to sit at the door of his house and give alms to whosoever come for begging give them charity, moreover asked to see that dogs, donkeys, etc. do not enter the premises. If he does thus, all his debt would be written off. Then the Bania did as he was told. We should also stay at the doors in the form of knowledge and give charity which is Sriji’s knowledge to all and weak faults like passion, anger, greed, pride, fascination, jealousy, etc. should not be allowed to enter jiva as we do not allow dogs, donkeys, etc. to enter our house-so that our debt means our sins will be burnt and if one does it is said that wish of the master is fulfilled. We are called as Sriji’s own persons. So we should see that trivial faults do not make us ashamed. We should achieve our goal by pleasing Maharaj and great muktas.” || 123 ||