On the morning of Kartak Sud 15th, the Vachanamrt was being read in assembly at Vrspur. Purani Kesavpriyadasji said, “Anadi muktas dwell in transcendental Murti. Do they speak or make any movement?” Bapasri replied, “For those who dwell in Murti, it is Maharaj who speaks or sees through them. Even the actions of an ekantik are done by Maharaj then how can the actions of Anadi muktas not be done by Maharaj? As they are absorbed in the bliss of Murti they do not do anything. The one who has not achieved such a state is not able to obey the commands of Maharaj in absolute sense. And without obeying His commands, Maharaj does not get pleased. Some are completely caught by addiction and wealth and still they do not know their defect. Some may have been in the Satsang for 50-60 years and yet they do not observe the penance prescribed by Maharaj for the violation of His commands. What can they achieve in the last? We can preach those only who take these words positively. If we preach others, they would beat us. Some are such that soon after waking in the morning they take tea all of first, then they brush their teeth, take bath and lastly perform puja. In my village, there was a Brahmana who used to take food on the day of Ekadasi. When I asked him how he could take food despite it being Ekadasi, he replied that I was preaching a wrong person. Once I had been to Muli. There, someone brought a big pot full of tea and asked me to serve the tea to all the devotees. Eventhough I told him that none of us would take tea, he did not give up his insistence. So I said to him, “Who will drink such useless thing?” He objected to me and said, “Why do you say it to be useless?” I explained him, “As an impure ingredient is mixed with this tea a satsangi cannot drink it. Even then even some renouncers drink it. It is much improper. Drinking of it incurs violation of the command of Maharaj. In Jamnagar, someone had made some satsangis drink tea. So I made all of them observe a fast as a penance. Here in Kutch I have prohibited the use of tea. In Samvat year 1957, when I had gone to Muli, Motilalbhai solicitor of Mumbai offered tea to us. I told him that we do not drink tea. Some saints offer tea to devotees. Why do they commit such sin? By drinking tea vices like sexual desire, anger, greed, pride, etc. get strengthened. The people of Kamrup region who come here are cheaters. Their actions are so base that it is not worthwhile to talk about them. It is doubtful whether they would be obeying vartaman or engaging themselves in devotion. Even if such persons sit in this divine assembly, they will not be able to take benefit. You have got such an anadi mukta who gets you engrossed in Murti and make you enjoy bliss of Murti in Aksardham. So you have won everything.” In the evening of that very day Bapasri sat on a chair in sunlight after having bath. Then moving his hand round his chest and belly said that the body seemed to have recovered from illness. Thus, he showed his much pleasure. || 11 ||