On the day of Chaitra Sud 10th, the 38th Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that Ekantik merges in God.

Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What are the characteristic of Ekantik?” Bapashri replied, “One is an ordinary and the other Ekantik- two kinds of devotees are there; both of them are in this world that means they are seekers. Between them the one who does rosary, mental worship, meditation and worship and obeying commands of Shriji Maharaj, katha, varta- all these activities always with different kinds of faith is said to be an ordinary. And the other one does not do all the aforesaid activities but he is obeying all the commands of Maharaj is said to be ordinary devotee (prakrut) having virtuous intellect and one who differs from commands can not be said of Swaminarayan at all, and when he ends all means, does not care for body, avoids every feeling of illusive (mayik) things, and avoiding fondness for Brahmkoti and Aksharkoti, keeps constant memory of Shriji Maharaj only is called Ekantik. Just as when the construction of temple is completed, Murti installed. Similarly Ekantik is in the place of temple that means he has become pure for the dwelling of Murti and Murti dwells in him. But he is called Ekantik until he does not see the Murti in his soul. The one who dwells in Murti is called Param Ekantik, and he who dwells in Murti is called Anadi. These two kinds of divisions are that of Parbhav (Akshardham) means that of Siddha Mukta (realized Mukta). Among them Anadi Muktas enjoy various kinds of happiness by remaining immersed in Murti. You have got this happiness so should not sit idle considering yourself as renunciator. A boy rolled in ashes and told his mother that he had become saint. Thus one should not understand that after becoming renunciate nothing is to be done. Commands of Shriji Maharaj should properly be obeyed. Those who do not obey have to do fast (vrat) but if the commands are obeyed properly even the dream of fast will not dreamt, means no need to fast. If commands are obeyed, one can get attached to Murti. One should become as the one with whom he associates and should develop divine feeling for all and those who liberate should be trusted, loved and attached sincerely with soul. Those who have need get much happiness in this assembly. And those who do not have liking for these talks will think of leaving the assembly as soon as possible and they will not get the happiness of this talk. If we feel that we are sitting in the forest there will be happiness of this talk but if we feel that we belong to Amdavad etc. we will not be happy. If one thinks that even a small thing does not belong to him, he will be happy. || 145 ||