While tying the wrist of Bapasri, Bapasri had uttered some mysterious words. Some devotees would think about the words or when saints would describe about those words, Bapasri would know their sankalpas and all of a sudden he would come there and cut some jokes to please them so that they would forget those words. Bapasri’s seat was kept in the centre of the assembly so all would have his darsan. When devotees would say Jay Swaminarayana, he would put his hand on their heads or he would apply sandalwood paste, garlands someone. Sometimes he would get up from assembly and would apply sandalwood paste to saints. Similarly he would apply sandalwood paste in devotees’ assembly. When some devotees would request Bapasri to give them sandalwood paste and would request him to sit, Bapasri would say that this assembly is divine and luminescent, these are poojas of Maharaj and infinite muktas. Saying so he would himself apply sandalwood paste, he would brush his hand wet with sandalwood paste on some devotees’ head and would make him laugh and would say “This is the sandalwood paste of Aksardham and he had come there from Aksardham to apply sandalwood paste- know thus. This opportunity is very rare. It is the mercy of Maharaj and Bapasri would add, since they had come from long distance crossing the sea, so he was pleased with them. This is my last yajna. I have invited you in writing as I want to please all, for that I am doing so much effort.” Devotees would say to Bapasri since he wanted to give us happiness, he made us come here by arranging such mahayajna.” Thus, they were all pleased. Moreover whenever Bapasri would go to give darsan at the time of meals, all including men, women, children, would say Jay Swaminarayana with folded hands. He would advise devotees who were serving meals to see that they serve it properly with love. Maharaj moves about in dining place in the divine form to give darsan. Bapasri would say, “Maharaj smiles gently so feed all with love otherwise Maharaj will not be pleased. Feed all, make them take more. Whosoever comes feed him but do not say no to him.” Bapasri would ask someone when he came and how many they were, he would add that they are ours. Moreover if someone needed something and remembered Bapasri in the meantime he would come to him with some excuse or himself would go to him and would say as his desire was or to someone he would say as if he were unaware. While he would be in the assembly and if someone remembered him from the guest house, he would know his sankalpa, would go to him to fulfil his desire (manorath) and would greet him with Jay Swaminarayana and would ask if he had got lodging place. If he wanted mattresses or anything else he should contact Hirjibhai or Jadavjibhai or inform Manjibhai. “Take whatever is needed from our (Bapasri’s) house, do not hesitate. The responsibility of this yajna has been taken by Swami Isvarcharanadasji, Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Ghansyamjivandasji, etc. and by other all saits so whatever item is needed you he should contact them. Since you are unfamiliar so I am telling this.” When there would be arrangement for meals for saints, Bapasri would go there and prostrate before them, saints would get up and Sadgurus would request Bapasri not to do that, even then would prostrate before them. When some saints were standing, Bapasri would tell them that they had been kept in Murti by Maharaj. They were getting darsan dwelling in Murti. “Since Maharaj is taking meal, I am prostrating. You are all Anadi muktas. You are enjoying in the bliss of Murti.” Thus, Bapasri would describe greatness. || 133 ||