At night Bapasri, was on the upper storey of the temple. He said to Lalubhai, “You have turned the woods into auspicious places. Today myself and saints were made to go round. Gardens and woods all became tirtha. These saints and devotees are all of Aksardham. They appear as human being but are very great.” Lalubhai said, “Bapa! All enjoy happiness of Murti by your mercy. You have accomplished us.” Then Bapasri said, “This is all because of Sriji Maharaj. Maharaj says that He does not want any jiva to be left out. All are to be made happy. Today much is being done by the mercy of Maharaj.” Lalubhai said, “Bapa! Today you must have been tired so take rest.” Bapasri said, “All devotees insists that I should stay for five days more but since I have to go if I sleep, you will not be accomplished. When I see such love of devotees, I get overjoyed.” Saying so Bapasri asked the Sadgurus, “Who is happy? He who keeps Murti, is really humble and behaves in satsang as servant is happy. Without that nobody knows names of officers sitting on mattresses and cushions, Mahant, Kothari, etc. The one who gives up pride, reputation and behaves as a servant in satsang is praised by all. Much work of his is done. Even after his death blessings of all saints goes with him till this cosmos is there. What a great saint! What a dedicated devotee! Just as Dada Khachar, Parvatbhai are praised, in the same way. There are such muktas in satsang and if the wind touching them touches us, it will make us calm and cool. If one becomes cool by mayik wind, how can one be not cooled by that divine wind? Obviously, he will. Such Anadi muktas take bliss of Murti and promote it in satsang and shower happiness. Because of it, four kinds of jivas having bodies in different species become happy. If one looks for such muktas, he will soon find them. We should break our fast with bliss of Murti- it is perpetual and eternal. To take anything else other than bliss of Murti is unstable and does not last. Therefore, take that divine happiness. It is immortal. If we take happiness of maya without Murti it will pollute us because maya is such that it converts. Jiva is eager in the activity of maya. Therefore for us Sriji Maharaj is cause of all, fascinates all, supreme and abode of all happiness. Take food only of the bliss of that Murti. Whatever to do, do it in a solitary place and get attached to Murti concentratedly. If one does so Murti itself will appears. Jiva desires maya which is the form of poison but nobody desires nectar. We should not care for maya which is in the form of prakrti. Knowledge of prakrti is false. Real knowledge is experience and and it is true and eternal. Therefore, cross maya, cross ekantik and param ekantik and join Anadi muktas who are above all. Such anadi mukta and Maharaj are always Anadi. But those of avarbhav (view from the perspective of this world) have their sight of avarbhav so Maharaj and great Anadi appear to him as adi but they are not adi. They are always Anadi and eternal. Such importance must be given to the one who has recently become a saint believing him to be great.Thus know all as divine and when one wants to associate, always associate only with muktas. Maharaj in avarbhav has said that muktas should sit in front but in divine perspective they have been called as equal. Therefore, we should know all as Murtis of parbhav in divine feeling. Great Anadi muktas enjoy bliss of Murti for infinite kalpas but they can not find its limit. Various kinds of happiness come from that Murti. Just as the earth is mayik, but gives many kinds of things. Whereas this is divine Murti and if variety of happiness come from it, where is the wonder? We should be eager for that happiness and stick to Murti but should not develop love elsewhere excepting in Murti. The proper place for love is only God and Anadi muktas dwelling in Murti. Therefore, never allow human feeling for such great muktas. Always keep divine feeling. Pray to Maharaj that we do not come in contact with a bad person or an atheist. What is bad company? He who makes us find fault with great devotees is said to be a bad company. We should know the whole satsang as divine but association should be with the one through whom we understand the greatness of Maharaj and get happiness. Moreover, for obeying command, we should remain alert and never violate it. The water of Ganga comes from gaumukhi. Similarly in place of the Ganga there is Murti, in the place of water there is happiness of Murti and in place of gaumukhi there is a mukta. The happiness of Murti comes through muktas who are Maharaj’s mouth. Those who do not separate from Murti should be known as muktas. Be cautious that nobody is betrayed by mind, deed, word, because the whole satsang is our gotra (family line) so never have bad thought for anyone. If we find fault with the one who chants the name of Swaminarayana it will be a great sin and becomes irredeemable because the word Swaminarayana comes only from the mouth of the one in whose jiva there is Swaminarayana. Therefore, we should fear betrayal of such devotee.” || 102 ||