On the day of Vaishakh Sud 12th, Bapasri sent Ramjibhai the son of Arjanbhai to bring back Sadguru, etc. saints. He came to Bhuj and told all saints that Bapasri wanted all saints to come to Vrspur. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said that all right. Then saints came to Vrspur on Vaishakh Sud 13th, after offering thal to Ṭhakorji which was arranged by Vithaljibhai. At that time Bapasri was sleeping in the square, on seeing them he said, “I was waiting for you. It is good that you have come.” Saying so, he got up and met all saints. Then Bapasri said, “Everything looked blank without you and thought like this, ‘Sakhi soona sarve lok chade mari najare , mare eke na rahyo adhar kyan jay ubhiye.’ Sakhi piyu rizavyani rit eke mune na jadee’ (in my sight everything looks blank – I have no support so where to stand- I did not know how to please piyu-Maharaj). I became gloomy because I did not see you. Now I am very much pleased because you have come. Then he told Swami Ghansyamjivandasji that you wanted to go and did not want to come here but I made you return. I am such that I would tie with an anchor and keep you. So I came in front of you and brought you back now do not think of going back.”

Then in the evening 63rd, Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter was being read. It said that God should be recognised by essence. Bapasri said that if one knows God by essence, he will properly get happiness of Murti, Maharaj says thus. Therefore, one should associate with such Anadi muktas and such saints and should know Maharaj as He is and get himself fulfilled. This kind of opportunity is rare to come again. At present the season of marriage is going on here so people have become over joyous. We had celebrated marriage of Purusottam-such celebration is not possible even for a great king.” ‘Saheb sarikha shethiya, vase nagar ke manhi. Taku dhanki kya kami, jyaki hundi chle nav khand manhi’ (Seth Saheb-Maharaj dwells at the nagar-Aksardham so there is no shortage of wealth because His hundi-bearer cheque can be accepted in all nine cosmos)-we had like that. Here all do seva with the knowledge of greatness but all have their sight in Murti. They do not see anything else and nothing else would go in. All have only one tendency. While performing seva with such knowledge of greatness, they would not care for body. Thus, Lord Purusottam’s marriage is celebrated.”

Then Devrajbhai asked, “Great saints say that muktas dwell in Murti and they are as great as Murti-how do they all live?” Bapasri said, “That matter cannot be understood by the example of this world. It is known to the realised ones. They know it, as it is, or one can see if Maharaj shows him by His mercy. All muktas dwell in whole Murti by remaining engrossed in it and dwell physically (sakar).Murti possesses such wonderful divinity. Just as chintamani gives so much, so many things that cosmos is fully filled, even then chintamani does not become weak (thin) and if everything goes back into it, it does not become fat-it remains as it is. Such capacity is possessed by an inanimate thing by his power. Then if divine capacity is possessed by self (Maharaj) what to say about it? It must be there. Therefore, enjoy happiness of Murti by dwelling in Murti.” Then he asked, Bapasri, “Infinite muktas dwell in Murti. Whether, all of them get the equal happiness or in more or less proportion.” Bapasri said, “All muktas get happiness in the same proportion. Of course it is more or less in proportion but in the realised state it cannot be said so.”

Then again he asked, “If one has the art of meditating in front and the understanding is of dwelling in Murti- what will he achieve?” Bapasri said, “The achievement will be according to understanding. The one who has understanding for dwelling in Murti, Maharaj keeps him in Murti but nothing remains.” At that time Devrajbhai again asked, “One has divine feeling for Murtis in the sense that these Murtis are God Himself but when Maharaj and muktas move about in the human form, he does not recognise them- what is the reason?” Bapasri said, “If he does not recognise Maharaj and muktas when they move about in human form, it means he has not known perfect divine feeling of Murti, it is for the sake of saying only. But if he has known Murtis as divine, he will definitely recognise when Maharaj and muktas move about in human form. He who does not recognise them has no divine feeling for Murti.” || 146 ||