In the morning of Chaitra Sud 13th, the auspicious day dawned. The announcement of this auspicious day was with divine large sound and it seemed as if it were inviting, one and all to join such brahmayajna. Saints were making preparations. All necessary articles like garlands of hajari flowers, sandalwood paste, kumkum, coconuts, betel-nut, rice, incenses, lamp, etc. which were necessary for the ritual were kept ready. Idol of Maharaj was decorated with the garlands of rose and hajari flowers. In front of Murti, lamps with ghee were lighted and incense sticks were burnt. The narrator of katha viz. Purani Kesavpriyadasji and Uttampriyadasji sat on a dais. Bapasri, his sons and grand- sons, etc. got ready to perform puja. At that time Vipra Devshankar (name of the priest) performed rituals, meditated on Maharaj, recited sloka and began to tie mangalsutra around the wrist of Bapasri. At that time Bapasri asked gor Maharaj to tie the wrist properly. He added, “This Murti (Bapasri himself) may fly away.” On hearing such mysterious words all saints and devotees began to think about the meaning of words but who could know its real meaning? Thereafter Bapasri along with his sons and grandsons performed puja of Sriji Maharaj, holy book and Purani with sandalwood paste and garland of flowers. Bapasri lighted lamps in a dish and performed arati. At that time there was a large gathering of devotees in the square under the canopy of cloth (chandni). All made jay ghosh of Sahajanand Swami Maharaj and prostrated. Thus, katha had begun Bapasri applied sandalwood paste to saints and greeted all with Jay Swaminarayana he sat in the assembly. Sometimes it seemed, he was meditating and sometimes he would look at assembly with pleasure, would put his hand on small or big devotees, would ask news, etc. Thus, katha would continue up to ten in the morning. Thereafter at the time of lunch devotees would be called for meal and would sit in a row in the farm. In the temple where saints had lunch, Bapasri would go there to give his darsan, would also go on foot in the farm to give darsan to devotees or devotee would take him there in palanquin (manchi). There he would give darsan to all. Sometimes he would talk sitting in the assembly. At night when daily routine of katha-varta, chesta, etc. was over, he would either lie down in the square or sometimes in the porch or sometimes in the last room of the new upper storey. In the morning he would get up early, perform his daily routine, sit in the assembly, would visit his home, would call saints, etc. Thus to make saints and devotees who had come in the yajna, extremely happy Bapasri would talk about the divine feeling of Maharaj, about keeping engrossed n Murti and about wonderful power, so there was joy everywhere. || 132 ||