Once, Bapasri slept near saints instead of going to the farm at night. At half past one o’clock Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji that pigs had entered the farm and were damaging the crop of millet. The sons were sleeping and the guard had gone somewhere else so he had to go. Swami said O.K. Then, while Bapasri was going to the farm a ghost (genie) which was living on the left side of the raised platform came to possess him. Bapasri showed him luminescence from his Mūrti and he was dazzled in the luminescence and he became motionless. Bapasri went away. Pigs also ran away seeing the luminescence. Then Bapasri had withdrawn that luminescence. Seeing this, the ghost was surprised and thought that he was very powerful. Then the ghost rolled into the dust in which there were foot steps of Bapasri. So, his intellect became pure and so, he stood there only. When Bapasri was going back from the farm to the temple he fell at his feet and prayed for his liberation by saying that he was very powerful. He added that he had taken many lives and was very sinful but he was getting his darsan daily so that was due to his good deeds. He further requested Bapasri by saying that he had come under his shelter and since he was the donor of liberation, he should be liberated. Bapasri asked him to go to Badrikasram. He requested to put him at the place where he could have his darsan. Bapasri took pity on him and by hitting him with his pachhedi (a kind of cloth lying on shoulder) told him to go to the Aksardham and he was librated. Bapasri went to the temple and told about it to Swami Isvarcharanadasji. || 49 ||