On the morning of Chaitra Sud 2nd, the 10th Vachanamrut of Kariyani was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that one should go to Badrikashram and Shwetdwip by discarding body as well with the body for penance to please Maharaj.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “How can one go to Shwetdwip and Badrikashram with the physical body?” Bapashri replied, “Muktas of all abodes have come in this satsang. They went to Badrikashram by the association of Muktas of Badrikashram and those who went to Shwetdwip went there by the association the Muktas of Shwetdwip- it should be known thus. Therefore Shwetdwip, Badrikashram, Akshardham, whatever you say are all here. Whatever you do here, it will happen the same way. This place is Naimisharanya. If you do jap, penance, meditation, in this place, everything will be fulfilled- such is the opportunity (time). If there are groups of five or ten belonging to the same faith (principle) and when some of them come for the darshan of Mukta with profound love, they remember them who are left out; they wish that if those who have been left out come, it is well and good. As a result those who have been left out will be eager to go and wish that they could meet them soon- thus there will be eagerness to join them. I have eagerness to take with me those who have profound love and liking for Muktas. It is the principle of Maharaj and Mine that those who have faith should all be taken together. For those who are on the verge of death have happiness like Akshardham at this time even though they are in physical body, therefore the Muktas are to be trusted. The Mukta who is in Akshardham himself and tells that as he sees his work is being fulfilled provided he has such faith-it is like wearing real ornaments. Those who doubt talks of Muktas and do not give up the talk which he has understood previously, is like wearing ornaments of brass. This is the secret talk of knowledge. Therefore remember that this is the last opportunity. In this opportunity if one is the form of Jiva he will also become Anadi. In case it appears that such a person has feeling of senses, his salvation will not be spoiled. Just as we fear even the dead snake but it can not take our life by biting- similarly we should not believe ourselves unfulfilled. When our mind, gets diverted elsewhere by putting aside Murti, it should be persuaded by telling that you have met such Muktas and understanding their greatness if you remain in their wish, you will be taken to Akshardham in this birth itself. These are the words of the highest state i.e. the words of achieving salvation. The thing which can not be had anywhere, will be given by Mukta (them) – such is the power of Muktas. “Juo jiv moh nidramanthi jagi re, vari ene thavo akhand sohagi re.” (when the Jiva wakens from sleep of delusion, it wishes to become like the woman wishing constant company of her husband.) This is the bliss of Murti which is given today like the bliss of inner part of the temple. Therefore inner part of the temple is akhand sohag- therefore it should be achieved. Just does not wish to live in this world-therefore just as it goes in subconsciousness by surrendering to illusion. Similarly by becoming introvert one should get engrossed with Murti of Maharaj. This opportunity and happiness will not be found anywhere- therefore one should persuade the real goal and remembering others should tell them that this opportunity can not be had again. Formerly it was troublesome for saint and satsangi to associate with Muktas- even then they used to get to associate, whereas everything is favourable today.

There was Ratna Bhakta in this village (Baladia). He was driven out of the village by ruler and chief of this village by harassing him. He went to Kera and lived with Sadaba. When he went to darshan of Maharaj at Gadhada, Maharaj told him not to leave Vrushpur village. After having darshan he passed through Vrushpur on the way to Kera. He was beaten by the ruler and the chief and sand was filled in his eyes. Then Ratna Bhakta cursed them by saying that since they were tormenting him, they will be tormented by snakes and dogs. On that night snakes and dogs bit the ruler. The ruler shouted so villagers gathered and asked him where the snakes and dogs were. Then the ruler said that they were there and they were devouring him. Then next morning he went to Ratna Bhakta at Kera and begged Sadaba and requested her to send Ratna Bhakta to Vrushpur. Sadaba threatened him with the shoe and told that he had given much misery to her devotee and he would not come then. Let snakes and dogs devour you. At this he put seven shoes round his neck, prostrated and said that if Ratna Bhakta was not sent he would be no more in that world that night. Then the village people said to Sadaba to send Ratna Bhakta. He had repented much, Sadaba agreed so Ratna Bhakta was taken in the cart along with his luggage. Ratna Bhakta passed through such miseries but did not give up satsang. Formerly when he was in the village, Patels of his community used to smash his kanthi and he was forced to bear the expenses of their dinner. Even then Ratna Bhakta would wear it again after Patels have left, and again they would come and smash it thus he was harassed frequently but he did not give up satsang. He was the only satsangi in the community of Patels.

Once Brahmanand Swami was going to Kera from Bhuj. On the way was seen by Mulji Bhakta and Gova Bhakta father of Bhanji Bhakta who were watering the crops in the farm situated at Narayanpur. They thought that it was soon to be dark and where this saint of Swaminarayan would go and thinking so they stared at him. That saint went to Kera. Father of Bhanji Bhakta unloosed the kosh (leather bucket) and bullocks were tied in the yard and then went home. Gova Bhakta went to Kera. The saint was at the house of Sadaba. He listened to his talk. The whole assembly was dispersed but Gova Bhakta did not leave. Swami asked him where he lived. He said that in Narayanpur. Then Swami asked why he was sitting -whether he wanted to ask anything. Then he said during the talks he had said that Lord Swaminarayan is the Supreme to all and He had come to give ultimate liberation to Jivas. He argued that no other incarnation except Lord Swaminarayan could give ultimate liberation. This is alright but how one can make it sure. Swami replied, “If Lord Swaminarayan is not supreme to all, I am ready to accept the sin which be fall by killing as many cows as there are, as many women and as many children there are on this earth. Lord Swaminarayan is with me but you can not see Him. If you want to take the benefit of human body and if you want ultimate liberation go to Gadhada. If you are told there about the swearing which I took, you believe Swaminarayan as God. Then he went to the farm, fed bullocks and went home. After having dinner, he went round all the farms and invited the people to go with him to Gadhada to have the darshan of Lord Swaminarayan who has taken incarnation. The four people got ready and all five went to Gadhada. Maharaj said, “Gova Bhakta, you made my Brahmanand Swami take such hard oath. I am God myself and have come to give ultimate liberation. There was Gangdas Bhakta among the other four, Shriji Maharaj told him, “When you were coming here, you decided that if there were sixteen signs in the feet of God, he is real God. Look them! There are sixteen signs in my feet,” saying so he showed them. Then they took the vows of vartman and became satsangi. They went home after staying there five days. There were six satsangis including Ratna Bhakta and those five in the whole community of Patels. At present the whole community has become satsangi.

Sadaba was also much harassed by her husband. Once he closed all the doors and drew the sword. In the meanwhile all the rooms opened automatically and Maharaj showed the army. He was tied and beaten and they told him that this time they were releasing him but warned and threatened him if he continued to harass her, he would be killed. Thereafter he did not harass Sadaba. Even after facing such difficulties, satsang was done earlier. Whereas today everything is favourable for renunciants as well for the house holders. If commands of Shriji Maharaj are not obeyed in such a favourable time and if attracted by wealth and woman, he should be considered as the most unfortunate. || 85 ||