In Samvat year 1976, on the day of Magsar Vad 8th, there was muhurut of installing Mūrti in the temple of village Meḍa, so the priest Narbheram was sent to Kutch to bring Bapasri with him. Bapasri told him when Mohanbhai Bhalabhai would bid five hundred rupees for the installation of big Mūrti in the centre, and if Mūrti could be installed by his hand (Narbheram), know that he (Bapasri) had come. Narbheram went to Meḍa and at the time of installing Mūrti he went to call Mohanbhai but as he was busy in the work of bidding, he asked Narbheram to install Mūrti on his behalf. Then Mūrti was installed by Narbheram and told all about Bapasri’s prediction. ||79 ||