In the assembly, saints were discussing with one another about incidence occurring in katha. Bapasri said, “Jiva knows that it is someone’s goods or someone’s treasure but it becomes the master of it. He may not be able and powerful even then he tries to become God. Therefore, Maharaj must be kept aloof from all this. We should not understand that luminescence mixes in luminescence. Maharaj is always divine, sakar (having incarnate form) having constant existence and immortal. In the beginning of each Vachanamrt the form of Maharaj has been described and we should look at it. All words in it are miracles. If one gets divine feeling for it, much will be done. This is called every day samaiya. The inquirer and the hearer are very great and they should be taken as present with us. One may recite Sriji, Sriji but do not listen to the talk of knowledge so what can be gained! Therefore, if one studies this Vachanamrt he will cover all scriptures. If he follows it, he will have no hurdle. This is the explanation of the Lord Himself so the lower court has no jurisdiction. Therefore, one should study Vachanamrt thoroughly and if he gets God’s bliss, he will be happy; otherwise he will not be. He is searching for bliss without taking interest so his effect are in vain even then jiva does not develop passion for achieving goal. In Kutch region Dharma Dhurandhar Acharya Sri Purusottamprasadji Maharaj had gone. During his stay, he arranged katha of Vachanamrt. During the discourses, deep philosophy was given but some who have studied scriptures give examples of paroksa (incarnations other than Lord Swaminarayana). To them I used to tell that clothes are worn, decorated with ornaments but the main ritual of hastamelap was left out (the bride and the bridegroom give the right hand to each other in the presence of holy fire). Similarly, the one who has not known divine scripture like this Vachanamrt means he has not done the ritual of hastamelap. The meaning of a single word may be hundred thousands or ten million- can be interpreted in as many meanings as you can, such is this divine scripture.

Then Bapasri said, “One should get fulfilled with the knowledge that the death is near. If there is a moment is left before the death and if it is fulfilled, one should know that it is because of grace of God. This cannot be for all. Such opportunity is available only to some one. If four armed guards are walking with us, the thief cannot steal. Similarly, if such great Anadi muktas of Sriji Maharaj are with us, how can kala, karma, etc. affect him! If there is such opportunity and if he does not take the advantage of it, what kind of person should be known him? Even in region like Sindha, such kind of satsang has been propagated. This is all because of Sriji Maharaj’s glory. One who has recognised great muktas of Maharaj and known the six scriptures will understand this talk. Maharaj has said that scripture should be heard from the mouth of Satpurusa but if one tries to understand with his intelligence, real thing will be left out. Sriji Maharaj has come with His divine muktas. Therefore, there is unity of this place with Aksardham so there is no feeling of woman or man in Aksardham. The feeling that Laksmiji remains in service outside and as a symbol, she is in heart, is all telling of the present time. The feeling that there is balcony, storeys, fountains in Aksardham should be taken as they are here. The feeling that the saint from Bhuj, Muli, or Gujarat came to fetch along with chariots, palanquins should be taken as to be here. This is all divine but should not be seen through mayik sight. If one knows that all these saints and devotees are idols of luminescent Brahma, mayik feeling will not affect him. If one is unhappy, others will be seen to be unhappy. So it is seen according to one’s own feeling. Our dharma (duty) is non-violence. Non-violence dharma means nobody should be hurt by mind, deeds or words. The person having authority has to be strict so others will be hurt and if he is not strict, the administration will not work properly. In such situation if one has learnt the art of satsang thoroughly and if he has knowledge of joining Murti everything will be all right. Maharaj has said that there are many like Bhimsen who threatens but one who keeps Murti will have no trouble. The function can be managed even by others- it will not stop. Great saints and devotees had authority but they had the art of satsang so they were appreciated. The greatness of Maharaj and great Anadi should be understood thoroughly. It should be believed as one’s own real life; without it, the strength would not be had. The fish is a very tiny creature but it is so much attached with water that if even for a moment it is separated, it will struggle and die soon. Similarly, the greatness of Maharaj should be understood to that extent that if even for a moment we are separated from Him our life will be shortened. If greatness is understood, one will get strength like the fish even if it is ordinary jiva.

When katha was over, all devotees came forward. Swami Vrndavandasji said, “Bapa! Earnest desire of all for your talk is not satiated.” Bapasri said, “I have studied nothing except Murti. There is not anything else worth to see except Murti because everything except it is hurdle. Once Maharaj talked about Siddhanand Swami at Gadhpur, though being a great saint he observed the secrecy of devotees with his supernatural power and used to intimidate devotees- why was he doing so? What did he gain by this? It is like peeping in a basket of ordinary thing carried by someone. Then Siddhanand Swami knew that he was being referred. He realised that Maharaj came to know about his search for secrecy of all jivas. Chaitanyanand Swami asked, “Maharaj! Who searches like this?” Maharaj said, “For example if you are there and while going for taking bath, where is the necessity of looking at women, etc. and other weak or strong things? Before starting we should keep in mind that we should see God whom we met, what is the purpose of looking at anything else excepting God?” Swami said, “Maharaj! That is true.” Then again, Maharaj said, “The thing which we needed became handy, so we should look at it. But why do we need to look at other than that?” Saying so, Maharaj withdrew supernatural power given to Siddhanand Swami. There after he had the bliss of Murti and other power for seeing secrecy of jivas had gone. Just as the parents take care of the wealth of their children, similarly Maharaj and great muktas take care of jiva so keep faith in muktas and should believe that we are happy and should believe to be grateful. Otherwise, such opportunity of association with such muktas would not have been available. Knowing thus one should continue to worship God. Then Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami asked his disciple Sri Krsnadasji that if he had any desire for having supernatural power, could be made available. Sri Krsnadasji refused and said that it leads to wrong direction and he will not be able to control. Then Swami was very much pleased with him. Therefore, even if muktas give supernatural power we should ask for to be taken to God’s abode at the time of death and also should ask for keeping in the service of Maharaj along with the muktas.” || 65 ||