In the morning of Fagana Vad 2nd, Bapasri met all after completing his daily routine on the upper storey of temple. With pleasure, he told Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “All these devotees are having much love. Having seen their love, I have been much pleased. Living in such a city and keeping such satsang is a difficult task. On account of mercy of saints like you, they please Maharaj and great muktas. See the love of mukta like Lalubhai. Maharaj has kept such muktas in satsang. If they are pleased by associating with them and serving them, all our tendency will remain in God. Maharaj and muktas have much pity on young, old, men and women; otherwise, they will not have such faith.” While Bapasri was talking thus, Gordhanbhai of village Mathak gave a rose to Bapasri. After accepting it Bapasri told Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “Just as this flower is surrounded by dense petals. Similarly, Maharaj is surrounded by muktas. New fragrance emits from that Murti, and because of it, all muktas enjoy in bliss. Anadis remaining engrossed, take happiness in every pore of skin. This opportunity Maharaj has made it easy, this time. Mahaprabhu Nyalkarana has come. If this assembly appears divine, Maharaj, infinite muktas, this saints-devotees, all will appear divine luminous. This talk is supernatural.” He further said, “Just as a person draws water from the well in a vessel and rope is in his hand, the vessel comes out full of water but in case the rope breaks, the vessel will remain in the well and water will not come out. Similarly, if the tendency of God’s devotee always remains attached to Murti, he will get the advantage of tremendous joy of Sriji’s bliss. But in case the tendency diverts, jiva will merge in maya just as the vessel remains in the well.”

“Infinite muktas dwell in Murti, in the same way there are petals in the lotus. Maharaj gave darsan to a devotee. In this darsan he saw dense of muktas surrounding Him from all sides in the same way bright petals of lotus are thickly knitted in cosmos. Then they all again appeared in Murti.”

Then Bapasri said, “One gets attached to Murti it should not be understood as tendency. It is seen through the medium of jiva. He does not have any knowledge besides Murti and all his activities are done by the wish of Maharaj. Just as Maharaj said that, it would rain if Punjaji speaks but Maharaj did not wish so Punjaji could not speak. Similarly, when one enters in the bliss of Murti he will not see anything except Murti. The one, who has atmabuddhi (as much oneness with atma as one has with one’s body) with great muktas and remembers them sincerely, can do the same work as if muktas themselves have met and done the work. Just as when one remembers tamarind seed, his mouth will water. Similarly, wherever one remembers muktas, they come personally and do his work, provided he has full faith and has known complete greatness-then no effort is required to become worthy. One can become worthy only when he gives up his insistence and behaves honestly. By associating and serving muktas, one gets fruit in the form of Murti and then he sees Maharaj as omnipresent. Just as when Maharaj entered in the body of saint Keshavdasji and Avalba (he became one with Him) they felt that they are Maharaj themselves. Similarly, when one achieves the state of realisation he would see Maharaj in all –then it should be known that maya is done away with. Just as masons make Murti, then invoke Maharaj and then install it. When it is done so, God Himself shines in it. Whereas jiva is worthy, so installing Murti in it takes no time. Therefore, by requesting muktas, one should cling to Murti. Just as a calf of a cow clings while sucking milk. Similarly, one should go on taking happiness from Murti but no other sankalpa or pondering should be allowed. In case one has to observe fast because of bodily relationship, one should do penance for it but should not ponder on it. Infinite kinds of happiness lie only in Sriji’s Murti- they all can be had by darsan only. If one enters in the happiness of Murti, his all means will be realised soon. Though talks of Maharaj and great Anadi’s may not be understood, its gist remains in jiva. Just as when dewdrops fall in tuft top, cool air goes deep in it. Similarly, even if the talks may not be understood, meaning of it goes deep in jiva. If we ignore body, whatever untrue things there are, will all become false. If one gets Murti, he has got everything. If we become form of Purusottam, then only Purusottam can be realised. Someone may doubt if we become form of Purusottam, how can there be the master-servant relationship? It is like this- just as the son of a Brahmana is called a Brahmana but his relationship as a son remains. Similarly, Purusottam means Master and mukta means servant- this relationship remains. Even after achieving oneness with Purusottam and becoming the form of Purusottam, Maharaj is the giver of happiness and muktas are receiver of happiness. All get happiness from Murti, so the master-servant relationship goes on increasing. Muktas are always happy in the happiness of Murti. They do not come out of the happiness of Murti even though thousands of years may pass away. Great muktas see all as divine. If there is maya in jiva, he would not come in the eyes of muktas. Infinite muktas dwell in Murti. Just as there is assembly of thousands of people in the temple, above it there is another assembly and above there is another assembly. Similarly, thousands of assemblies have taken place. They all can be seen in the reflection of Murti in the mirror. If we see in that Murti, all assemblies can be seen. Many assemblies may take place in Murti even then the space for other assemblies are always there- means Murti is not fully occupied. Similarly, Maharaj and muktas do not have obstruction in between. Muktas go on taking happiness from Murti. There is no cover between them. Those all muktas are allured to Murti.” Thus, Bapasri was talking in pleasant mood. Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji prayed and said, “Bapa! It is the time for us to go to the assembly; so let us go and you be here because yesterday you faced much trouble during the journey, so have some rest.” Bapasri said, “Swami! We have come here to make all happy and we cannot come often by crossing sea. This is because of Sanwaldasbhai whose love and love of devotees of this place induced us to come here. I also thought that since Sanwaldasbhai came to fetch you to Saraspur for taking together to Karachi and brought you here and if I do not go he would be displeased- thinking so I came. This time, I want to please all.” Saying so, he said to Swami, “Let us go. I will also come in assembly.” || 34 ||