In the afternoon sitting on his seat on the upper storey of the temple Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “We should not take devotee’s fault. If any fault is seen in him, do not associate with him. While associating, if his fault is imbibed by us, our jiva will be spoiled just as a pebble breaks the earthen pot. Just as the King’s prince may be mentally retarded but if we slap him we will have to go to prison- it will happen like this. Maharaj, muktas and we all are together not away even for a moment. One who feels like this should also get attached to such great muktas till they themselves are present to increase the knowledge. Those who remain under the commands of muktas and please them will get salvation. They are such merciful. We got opportunity to associate with Maharaj and muktas means, we are fulfilled. Greatness is limitless, and doing is also limitless. If we get attached to Maharaj and muktas and obey their commands, we can be fulfilled. Therefore, Maharaj’s words should be obeyed thoroughly. Maharaj and muktas have met us, now there is no worry at all. If we constantly meditate on Murti, our enemies like passion, etc. will be destroyed, however strong they may be. If the greatness of Sriji and muktas is properly understood, five senses will be conquered without any effort. All have equal right in father’s property. If one understands thus he will not imbibe any one’s fault. Only muktas should be associated. We have got the ticket, which will take us directly up to Maharaj provided there is no any other change. If we bind ourselves by mind, karma and words to great muktas, we will also achieve the state, which they have. Therefore, we should remember great Anadi with divine feeling so that we do not come out from Murti and we become one with Him. Become one means achieving oneness with Maharaj. Once when a devotee left his body Maharaj and infinite muktas came to fetch him, luminescence appeared from all of them. Then that devotee thought where Maharaj could be. When luminescence disappeared and when Maharaj appeared as He is, means the devotee met Maharaj and all muktas with his divine body and prostrated before them. Another devotee got such darsan (pratyaksa) before Him. When Maharaj came to fetch a devotee, he saw that the whole cosmos is being filled with muktas and Maharaj is in the centre. Then he thought from where he could go to Maharaj. As soon as he thought so, all muktas merged with Murti thus muktas dwell in Murti. Those muktas are always having form (sakar). When one becomes introvert by the mercy of such great muktas whole satsang will appear divine. We have got the real thing but we are losing it in ignorance like a child. Muktas are not separate from Murti. If one understands them as separate it is atheist feeling. Murti is always same but its greatness is limitless and bliss, light, capacity is limitless. For that purpose, it is called Murti’s infinity. Luminous rays of Murti emits, they are called pores. The one who develops unparalleled love for Maharaj and muktas, his fate gets burnt and no kind of binding remains for him. We should not think that only the big object binds the jiva– small or big everything binds. Knowing thus one should keep constant memory of Maharaj. Constant memory is as good as darsan of God Himself. It works much. We have got a great man who is all in all (sarvadesi). Therefore, seed of greatness of Maharaj and great Anadi muktas should be brought in every topic. The one, who binds his jiva in Anadi muktas, will be made as divine as they are. Those who have not come in contact with great muktas think that maya is very strong but those who are in contact with muktas will not be defeated by maya. Muktas are independent and even in maya they remain untouched, come to the earth independently and liberate innumerable degenerated jivas– such is their capacity. Great muktas can also do as much as Maharaj can, can see as much as He and know as much as He. Therefore, we should keep divine feeling for Anadi muktas as we keep for Maharaj. If you have understood such satsang and have met real muktas, you should not get attracted elsewhere. Great Anadi muktas can see activity of infinite cosmoses in their palms, and they put innumerable jivas in Aksardham presently, so, they are already in satsang and not necessary to search for them, but jiva does not trust. If one understands their greatness, he will get the same benefit by anadi mukta’s darsan as he gets from Maharaj’s darsan. Such great muktas are Maharaj’s prosperity. Whatever point you read in scriptures should be related to Maharaj and His muktas. The enjoyers of bliss of Murti are muktas but other incarnations like Aksar, etc. do not get that bliss. Just as there is lightening with thunder, similarly muktas are with Maharaj and they are also here. Sriji Maharaj keeps some muktas independent and some dependent. But the work which independent muktas do cannot be done by dependent muktas. Such authority is there in independent muktas. Just as the sovereign has the authority on the earth. In the same way, independent muktas have authority. Therefore, if one associates with independent muktas by mind, deeds and words, there will not remain any defect. Then Bapasri said, “We should not talk loosely without Maharaj’s reference. Any talk without reference of Mahaprabhu or his memory is like falling in sea- means will die. Those who have got proper determination of Maharaj may not be seeing Murti before their eyes but their words are related to Maharaj, and do much work for jiva and if it goes deep in jiva, he will become form of Brahma, form of mukta. Maharaj and muktas are very much pleased with him.” || 36 ||