Bapasri was bitten by a snake thrice. Once, when Bapasri went into the house to bring supporting stick of the bullock cart for loading, he was bitten there. Bapasri started in his cart and on the way he had the effect of the poison. That cart was driven by someone else and he brought him home. But Bapasri did not do anything for the effect of the poison and informed no one but effect of poison had gone. Second time it came in the farm in the afternoon and bit Bapasri coming in front of him but Bapasri did not allow effect of the poison. This matter was known by the snake-charmer. He came to the farm and told Bapasri that the effect of the poison of a snake was not there on him, so, he must be having some miraculous mantra or miraculous herbal root (jadibutti) and requested Bapasri to give it to him. Bapasri told him that Swaminarayana was the only miraculous power mantra and it was only jadibutti. That snake-charmer got the poison entered in Bapasri by his power so, Bapasri went deep in meditation and he sat. After sometime, Bapasri came out of meditation. Seeing this he was surprised and knew that he had neither mantra nor jadibutti. He seems to be a very great person. He fell at his feet and begged his pardon for troubling him by entering poison in his body. Bapasri told him that he had no trouble so he could go wherever he wanted to. Then he left. Once again third time it bit but Bapasri did not allow the effect of poison. That snake was Kanabi of the village. He did not allow his wife to worship God so Bapasri sent his wife to other female ascetic (sadhvi). This was his enmity. After his death he became snake and had bitten Bapasri. || 59 ||