Then Bapasri came to his seat at four o’clock after having darsan of Ṭhakorji and greeted all with Jay Swaminarayana. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! Do means come to end after getting enjoyer of happiness of Murti?” Bapasri said, “Indeed it is the end of means but greatness of God, God, God’s bliss and enjoyer of happiness have no limit. It goes on increasing. It has no end. One should understand that it is limitless. Muktas dwelling in Murti enjoy all kinds of happiness which is produced at every moment in limitless quantity, the place where it is produced, and they enjoy it with knowledge. Nobody can find bound of Murti and its bliss. Such is the mystery of Murti. They themselves enjoy all happiness together as enjoyer having knowledge of everything. The one who has unknown love for Murti is called real happiness and joy is said to be the same. Form of Maharaj and anadi mukta are always together. There is definitely dissimilarity. How? Muktas are enjoyer and Purusottam is donor. Muktas are servant and Purusottam is Master. Similarly, there is also difference in capacity and happiness of Purusottam and anadi mukta. Infinite muktas have attained attributes of Purusottam because of His mercy. Even then, nobody can find bounds of bliss of Purusottam. It is always boundless. Every moment it goes on increasing and it does not come to an end. Such is the Lord Purusottam.” While he was talking thus Maganbhai came, prostrated before him and garlanded him. Then Bapasri putting his hand on his head said, “This assembly is divine, wherever Maharaj and great muktas tread, much work is done there; even with this garland, big work can be done. In this assembly Sriji Maharaj Himself gives darsan, accepts seva– such is divine assembly. All these saints and devotees are enjoyers of happiness of Murti. That Murti is divine Luminescence.”

Maganbhai asked Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “Swami! Which Murti of Maharaj should be meditated?” Bapasri said, “Swami! What does he say?” Swamisri said, “Bapa! He asks which Murti should be meditated?” Bapasri said, “Any Murti of Sriji Maharaj with two eyes in the centre of mass of luminescence which is boundless from top to bottom or bottom to top, meditate on Murti standing in a swing or Murti of Ghansyam Maharaj.”

Govindbhai asked, “If we have such understanding that luminous Murti is in the centre of luminescence– should we meditate on it?” Bapasri said, “You should not guess that there is any Murti in luminescence but meditate only on that Murti which has the form of Murti with two eyes. Jets of luminescence emit from that Murti. When you sit for meditation, take the help of muktas so that no obstacle comes in the way while meditating on Murti. Ask for their help because their help is inevitable. Other means of pleasing muktas should be carried on but great muktas should be considered as divine and one should do their service and associate with them and get attached to them. It must be done.”

“For a devotee of God, means are like doing labour after getting attachment with great muktas. After getting favour of great Anadi and Maharaj, one should constantly meditate on Maharaj. It is just like conquering great kingdoms. When jiva comes in contact with Maharaj and great Anadi, its fate cannot be described but we have to become totally worthy. Because then only complete happiness of Murti can be enjoyed. Therefore after getting knowledge of greatness of great muktas, one should associate with them by mind, karma and words and be worthy of form of Purusottam. The bliss of Purusottam’s Murti is very unobtainable, gives much joy and it is boundless. But since jiva is having a little knowledge and before becoming worthy, it believes that happiness which he gets is complete. Then it is difficult to get it increased. Just as a hungry man does not have agony of hunger after eating the best quality of food in sufficient quantity. The one who requires half a lbs of food, he gets that much and is contented and feels happy but does not have liking for eating more, and those who have capacity to eat more quantity food and fit for it tells him who eats less to eat more but they do not take advice and do not have the need of preaching. Because according to their requirement they consider their food to be complete. Therefore, one should become totally worthy and for that purpose they should get attached to great muktas.

Asabhai of Kanabha asked, “Bapa! muktas have attained the highest state in Murti, how does their service as a servant towards Sriji Maharaj remain?” Bapasri said, “The devotee who has attained happiness of Murti like muktas, by associating with great Anadis, has to serve only Sriji Maharaj as a servant. And dwelling in Murti, he soon enjoys infinite new happiness of whole Murti which is produced from Murti with knowledge of it. One should attach his jiva with such great Anadi muktas because they have only Murti. Fishes have very much love with water and if there is separation from water, they would discard their lives. Such is the relationship of fishes between water and life. Because of that even if the current of water may be forceful, fishes are not defeated but they swim in the opposite current. They swim in the opposite current joyfully. If you look at fishes, you will find that they are not so strong and their body is also not big, that they can bear the forceful current of the water, even then their life is connected with water, therefore, the force of water does not harm them. Other objects, like trees, hills are unable to face the forceful current of water and by its force even a strong tree is rooted out and hill, stone are also broken. Moreover, the elephant and big animals like it cannot walk in the opposite current whereas even a small fish easily swims in the opposite current of the water. Similarly, one should come out from maya and achieve Lord Purusottam. Jiva cannot achieve him by doing means or by knowledge. It is like fishes for which water is life. Similarly, when jiva gets attached to very great person like Anadi Maha Mukta and attains oneness with him, he can cross the current of maya and becomes the form of Purusottam and plays in the happiness of Lord Purusottam. There is nothing difficult in it. Without it, no one can get capacity for getting proximity of Purusottam Sri Swaminarayana God. Therefore, one should associate with such great capable Anadi.”

“Just as when there is high tide in the ocean, and when its water reaches the shore, those who want to take water from it, take it as much as according to the capacity of the vessels. On account of that sweet water of the ocean, many kinds of crops grow and the remaining water merges in the ocean. Similarly, boundless happiness comes from Lord Purusottam’s Murti and this happiness spreads in satsang through great Anadi muktas. That happiness is taken by those who are worthy of it and they get it as much as their worth is. The remaining happiness merges in Murti but it does not go anywhere or hither thither.”

“Just as a farmer does not know the art of farming but tills his farm and if there is sudden rain and thereafter if he seeds it there will be bumper crop. Similarly, if one has not understood anything and without his knowledge, he gets attached to Anadi Maha Mukta, he will get very much happiness at the end time and achieves Sri Purusottam.”

When Bapasri was talking thus, an old woman who was very ill and who was living in Gadikhata area of Karachi, sent a message to Bapasri and requested him to come along with devotees to give her darsan so that her last journey will become divine. Lalubhai and Mahadevbhai requested Bapasri on behalf of old lady and asked if he would come to give her darsan. Bapasri said that he was not familiar with place but would go if they wished so. Bapasri requested them to come with him. Then Bapasri went to her house. He greeted her with Jay Swaminarayana and blessed her, and said, “Madam! Be courageous. Maharaj will do good. At this time, do not remember anything excepting Murti. Maharaj keeps much pity on his followers. We should not leave Him even for a moment.” Advising thus, he came to the temple after saying Jay Swaminarayana. || 32 ||