On the morning of Magsar Sud 15th, the 62nd Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read. Bapashri said, “He has learnt Sanskrit for twelve years but could not understand Vachanamrut. Therefore, Vachanamrut should be understood as it is. The devotee of God can avoid ‘Kal‘ – means he avoided the cycle of birth and death- this means he one ‘Kal‘. ‘Kal Karma ni re shanka Deve visari‘ (God made us forget, doubt of Kal and Karma).

Hiramal of Karachi asked, “Who else gives misery excepting Kal”. Bapashri said, “When command is violated misery is experienced and misery is also because of bad company”. If you keep love for irreligious person, it will cause of misery. Laziness and passion are blind horses. Blind man is led by stick. It may lead anywhere and may crush him. Where will he go who has no worship, meditation, upashana, understanding, greatness and does not obey commands. He is called blind. ‘Juvo Jagi re‘ (wake up and see). In illness he cannot associate with Muktas and lie in bed for a month or two, it is ignorance which should be avoided and he should associate with such saint, so that there is no trouble. Maharaj has written that a saint should be recognized- is he now recognized or not. Maharaj is always present in satsang- it is not empty satsang but in the opinion of the, mad He is not there. Jiva and body (Maharaj) have become one, they are not separate but Jiva has feelings of atheism so he does not understand thus. Importance of God and his devotee is very great. In it, you and I both are together. Some ignorant person pray for the body before saints and God, where is the importance of this body? Muktanand Swami knew it well but this, he had said so because of pleasing others. Muktanand Swami asked for others. But, you should not believe that he had any such defect (fault). If he believes thus he will not be able to avoid the habit of finding faults in others. Five senses of karma and five senses of knowledge must be controlled- means they have become helpless. Similarly, if all senses do not desire their respective objects, it is called their helplessness. One should not get attracted to beauty, word etc. He may be performing pooja, keeps cleanliness but, gets attracted to senses of objects. As a result, he suffers from hunger, misery, etc. and he claims that he is with God. ‘Chet chet man bavra, sant shikhaman det‘ (saints teach us to be cautious of mind). Every thing is made from earth and again it is going to become earth. One should be contented with what he has. Bapashri said, “I am suffering from cold and it is hot as well but jiva is full of joy because it has met such a saint.” Once a brahmin of Vadodara came to Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami in Muli. He told Swami that his followers are Dhebaria so where is yours importance? He told Swami that his satsang was not real. If you make satsangi to pandit like him, then Lord Swaminarayan is real. Swami said, “God is ninety miles away from pandit and for the believer He is a crown on his head”. In the meanwhile, child started crying. Bapashri put his hand on his head and said that he is affected by ‘Tam‘ attribute. If Shriji Maharaj is with us, the misery of the body will not be felt. If one can avoid the feeling of three bodies (physical, subtle, causal), happiness will always be there and he never finds fault in the devotee of God. We are in this world for a short while and decorating this body is like decorating a corpse. Nobody will be pleased in decorating it. Everybody wants satsang but it is big thing so it is not easy to get. He will become as big as he understands the greatness of Maharaj and Saints. They are the same and we will be benefited in the proportion in which we understand their greatness. It could be known from Muktas. To waste the life which is very short, is not good. Who will take care of him? Only such saint. Therefore, one should have love only for Swaminarayan and should get attach to parbhav i.e. Anadi Mukta. ‘mai hu adi Anadi, mit gai sarve upadhi‘ ( I am adi and Anadi- all trouble is gone). If one recognizes Adis sitting in this assembly, all his work will be completed. Big persons like pandit, learned, the wise, have been given seats in front, it is avarbhav (according to the custom of the world) and all have been said to be equal- it is parbhav (here it means Akshardham). If this difference is not understood and doing means is of no use. Then sizzling of something was done in the kitchen and it overflowed. Then Bapashri said, “The one who makes so much spoil will naturally make spoil in the Jiva”. At the time of taking meals, there may be many varieties but we should eat only one from it, as SuraKhachar were to take. Great saints have made the path fabulous, this they have done by dwelling in Murti. If we do it in this body by singing devotional songs continuously, we may go anywhere. We should take meals mixed with water and if you forget to do so, it will be a great mistake. If the horses become mad, it will be harmful. Mind, intellect, chitta, ego, are like calves of buffaloes, they are harmful. The one, who ties aforesaid four calves with his cot, will surely die. If he trusts or depends on mind, chitta, ego, intellect, he will have to suffer. Then there is reference about penance in the commentary. Bapashri said, “Try to recollect how many penance are have to be done. Our Dhanjibhai is expert in making one do penance. Both of you are equally fat and tall, therefore head of the penance faculty. Then Desaibhai said, “Bapa, he is Mukta but I am an ordinary man so I cannot be the head”. Bapashri said, “If small or big penance is given by remembering Muktas, there is no harm. Therefore, if penance is given by only one by remembering Shriji Maharaj’s Murti, there is no harm and sins of the one who does penance will be burnt. After doing penance if he does rosary, mental worship will all be credited (stored) and they will become divine and if he does not do, all his means will become void. ‘Narnarayan divya Murti santan ke vishram‘ (divine Murti of Narnarayan is the resting place of saint). Two or four saints appear in the assembly of Amdavad- is it the command of Maharaj- no, not at all. Then talk about the duties of saints was given, there was crowd of saints. Bapashri said, “How can those who could not be accommodated here, would be able to get accommodated in Akshardham.” Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “They will get accommodation as they are accommodated here in this Akshardham.” Bapashri said, “There is a mirror measuring two feet. In front of it, there sit eight to ten thousand saints and devotees and all are seen in the mirror. Similarly, infinite Muktas are there in Maharaj’s Murti. Narrow space is well and good and spacious place is the cause of quarrel. Here it means narrow space means peace and spacious place is without peace. How can one get peace- by constantly remaining in Murti. ‘Juo re jivni chaturai‘ (see the cleverness of this Jiva). It asks for immortal happiness from God. Children are like deer, which are mortal. Therefore, we should not ask for mortal thing. We should all be engrossed only in God. All devotees should keep in mind this thing. We should take shelter under Muktas. We should behave as Maharaj has written in Shikshapatri. || 241 ||