In Samvat 1968, Swami Vrundavandasji and Swami Ishwarcharandasji, saints, etc and devotees went to Kutch from Amdavad after celebration of Janmashtmi at Muli. They stayed at Bhuj to celebrate Bhdarva Sud 11th, and then after they went to Vrushapur on the day of Bhadarva Sud 15th.

On the morning of Bhadarva Vad 1st, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in the assembly. He said, “In the first shloka of Shikshapatri ‘Vame yashya‘ it is said by Shriji Maharaj that He is meditating on Lord Krushna. According to this shloka Shriji Maharaj became devotee. In shloka 209th He has said that ‘Madrup miti madvani‘ -it means that we are worshiping Him as Murti (idol) and His preaching which is Shikshapatri is His form – it should be worshipped. He has commanded like this. Here He has indicated His own Godhood so there seems to be contradiction in both the statements. Please explain this properly.” Bapashri replied, “The words of scriptures may have double meaning. It has been interpreted in the general way acceptable to all, by Anadi Muktaraj Sadguru Shri Nityanand Swami. The common meaning of Vam (left side) has been stated as left side of the body. Satanand Muni has commented on Shikshapatri in his book Aarthdipika in it the meaning of Vam has been taken as Hasta (hand). Here Vam means Radha in the left hand -Radha means devotee- where there is siddhi (8 supernatural powers) which can be attained. Shriji Maharaj has the power of salvation which He gives to His devotee- it is said that Radha on His left side. It is said that Laxmiji dwells in heart- the meaning has been taken as ornamental. It is Shriji Maharaj who ornaments infinite Muktakoti, infinite Aksharkoti, infinite Brahmkoti and infinite Ishwarkoti. It is said that those who are strolling in Vrundavan are the group of saints. My strolling is for the protecting of group of saints. My form called Shri Krushna- Shri (Laxmi) who is united with me -support of devotee- relieving devotees from their miseries- such is My form and I meditate on My self; thus Shriji Maharaj has said about His meditation. Such meaning has been done by Shatanand Muni in his commentary; it is practical. Therefore it should be understood as such.

In shloka 107th it is said that ‘hrudaye jivvat jive‘ this means that Jiva dwelling in heart is widespread from head to foot in the whole body by its power; similarly Shriji Maharaj in His divine personified form dwells in His Akshardham and by His superpower He dwells in all Jivas. But jivas are without form (nirakar) but Shriji Maharaj is not. He is always there in his personified form. He is God Himself and independent and also the controller of all Jivkoti, Ishwarkoti, Brahmkoti, Aksharkoti and Muktakoti and also giver of fruits of all actions.

In shloka 108th it is said ‘Shri Krushna‘- this means Shri Krushna who is supreme Lord Shri Purushottam is present in his divine personified form in Akshardham and He is our Ishtadev and He is worth worshipping and He only is the cause (Murti) of all incarnations.

Then again Swami asked, “In shloka 15th it is said that ‘Krishna stadaavatarashch dhyeyastatpratimaapi ch.’ In it Shri Krushna is Shriji Maharaj; but whom should we call as incarnation, Jiva, Nar, Dev (God), and Brahmvetta devotee?” Bapashri replied, “According to the 10th Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada, Pradhan-Purushas were created from original illusion (Mul-Maya) and from them Mahatatwa, Ahankar, Vairaj were created and from them Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv were created and Brahma created -all Jiva like Prajapati, seers (rushis), gods, devils, human beings, trees, mountains, movable and immovable etc- it should be known thus. And from Mul-Purush to Brahm and Mul-Akshars all should be known as Gods, and the one who can see in his soul the realized Murti of Shriji Maharaj should be known as Ekantik Mukta or Brahmvetta devotee. And Param Ekantik of Shriji Maharaj should be known as Nar. Devotees of Shriji Maharaj should not meditate on any one of them. Shriji Maharaj gave darshan in the form of Shri Ramanand Swami for the liberation of soul and when He gives darshan in the form of Mukta, that Mukta is said to be incarnation of Shriji Maharaj so we can meditate on him. That too should be done till Maharaj has not given His darshan and when Shriji Maharaj Himself gives darshan, meditation cannot be done of that incarnation. || 99 ||