On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 11th, Bapashri along with all saints and devotees came to chhatri. There he arranged Parayan of Rahasyarth of Vachanamrut along with Pradipika Tika and that was completed. Thereafter Murti was installed in chhatri and Bapashri set on the porch of chhatri. All saints and devotees performed pooja of Bapashri with sandalwood paste and flowers and be seated. Then Purani Dharmakishordasji wrote questions pertaining to Vachanamrut and handed it to Swami Ishwarcharandasji. Swami Ishwarcharandasji told Bapashri that Purani wanted to ask him questions. Bapashri asked him to ask on the next day. Today the time is over. Therefore, let us go to the temple. Then all came to the temple.

On the next day i.e. on Vad 12th Bapashri along with all saints and devotees came to Lakhaiwadi in the evening. Thereafter having bath did mental worship and set under a jambun tree and held an assembly. All performed pooja of Bapashri with sandalwood paste and garlanded him. When all saints and devotees were about to leave, Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, ‘satpurush vakyam na chalanti dharma’ saying so he said Bapashri yesterday you promised to give the answer of my question today, please give the answer and oblige me. Then Bapashri, after thinking for a while, said that today Maharaj is more favourable- so ask.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is the fruit of Parayan of Vachanamrut Rahshyarth and Pradipika?” Bapashri showing his favour said. “The fruit of this Parayan is that he would get four siddhis of dharma, artha, kama and moksha (dharma-religion, wealth, desire-passion, salvation) moreover the person who has arranged parayan and after parayan he bathe and the one who baths in that water understanding its greatness or put that water on his head, his five great sins will be burnt.

Then again, Swami asked, “After how many readings of Parayan, Murti will constantly appear?” Bapashri said, “After five readings and by obeying commands properly and reads regularly, he will get ultimate liberation. || 225 ||