After performing samaiya, on the day of Chaitra Sud 9th, of Samvat 1981, Swami Vrundavandasji, Swami Ghanshyamjivandasji, Swami Ishwarcharandasji, saints of Amdavad and saints of Muli reached Vruspur via Bhuj on the day of Vaishakh Sud 11th. On the day of Vaishakh Sud 12th Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “Those who are attached to Murti do not come out of Murti remain attached to it engrossingly. Those who go in meditation remain as fish remaining in the water. Just as he cannot remain dry in water. His organs, senses, heart, remain cool and his chitta (mind) constantly meditates on God. By meditating, rosary, he would not come out from that Murti-it is called sleep of Yogi. We should demand Murti and those who do not demand are like childless person without Murti. Therefore, we should have on constant memory of God and His saint, then only we will be peaceful and cool. The luminescence of that Murti emits very brightly. In this luminescence one neither remains cool nor burns. There is joy and joy- nothing else is seen. Maharaj has said that illness should be so severe that our vruti ignores this world, passion, relative, related, caste, etc. Thus we can be happy in the happiness of Murti. All should remain in this mean-this means is incredible. Without this mean, there is no way out. This mean is the fruit of all means. This time is good so you have got this opportunity. Murti can be realized by remaining in constant association with Muktas and getting such big opportunity is available only to fortunate people. Therefore it should be seized. Keep constant Vruti in Murti and should remain attached constantly in the form of Maharaj-it is big thing. Therefore we should remain amicably. We should not be proud of power (authorities), if we are proud of inanimate thing Maharaj will be forgotten. When Maharaj and Maharaj’s saint meet, it will be salvation. Who can be said to have met them- the one who does not separate himself from Murti even for a moment. We should behave thus. When Muktas get enjoyment from Murti, they seem to be sleeping but it is not so. In the Samvat 1940, there was a Bhojobhakta at Muli. He used to get attached in Murti constantly. There was a defect in his determination so, he became lonely and died. Today Shriji Maharaj Himself sits gloriously in this satsang. We should associate with those who have met Shriji Maharaj and do katha varta. We should not give up our attachment with them. We should not leave such company by becoming victim of inanimate illusion. Today great Mukta is one with Murti. You have met them- nobody has met them. You have got this opportunity and time and pointing out to it, are also good. You will become such as you recognize Maharaj and Muktas. Vruti of great Muktas is not anywhere excepting in Shriji Maharaj. But they appear passionate and ignorant to ignorant and passionate people. If vruti is drawn in taste, it should be called back and should take the path of Murti. The talks of Muktas are never outside the circle of Murti. Prasad given by great Muktas, their glance, and wind coming to us by touching them, will lead to salvation. See their power! The state of Nirgundasji Swami is the same that of Gopalanand Swami and also of his disciple Swami Ishwarcharandasji. We should be such and become happy in the happiness of Murti. There is much happiness in it. But Jiva is entwined in authority, etc. Now a days even saints collect money, etc and keep patara (big box) for storing them. We should come out of this and be pure and be alert and should not look at it at all. Do not collect useless things. You have to behave properly. Those having matured determination get siddhis- others do not. Who are those having matured determination-they are not who get Mahantai (head priest of the temple), in charge of store and kitchen. When Swami would come he would bring lot of cubical sugar, dhotis, etc. which he have got as offerings and he would distribute them among the group of saints. Sadguru Shree Loknathanand Swami had come here. He had gone at the well to bathe. There, his disciple lifted a creeper of sweet edible root (shakaria). Loknathanand Swami scolded him and asked him if that was his work. Now a days such disciple collect money put it in patara. Such saints should not be allowed in our fold. This opportunity will not come. The person having matured determination gets delicious dishes and other things by siddhis (super natural power) but he should not be tempted in it. Childish or playful nature should be avoided. We should not come out of Murti. If we come out of Murti we will drawn in the illusive luxury. Therefore, we should remain in Murti. Saint will not remain saint if he interferes in the work of a temple. A snake will not bite a real snake charmer but will bite others. Who is that snake charmer-the one who obeys the commands of Maharaj. Even great Muktas have got disrepute. This I say because you are mine. He said, “I have taken part in worldly affairs and have dealt with money and have suffered because of it. I bear with others’ allegations. For me there is nothing excepting these saint and devotees. He who dwells in Murti in all three states can know it. When I was offering meals to saints Ramjibhai continue to prostrate before them. Such was his respect. Such respect and faith is needed. Some wear saffron clothes and then discard them and once again wear saffron clothes. Those who fall from this path will never be fulfilled. || 214 ||