In the morning of Kartak Sud 10th, Bapasri, showing his favour, talked in the temple of Kera. He said, “There are seven kunds in this village. Sriji Maharaj had done katha continuously for a month at that Ganga. Sadaba was residing in this Gaddha (fortress) and she was very capable. She and Adabhai of Mankuva had arranged katha. At that place Sadguru Swami Nirgundasji had come there and arranging such assemblies he had talked much about lila-charitra and supremacy of Maharaj. During that time a Bavo who was favourite of Tilat of Gaddh started arguing. Swamisri was explaining to him words of scripture but he did not understand. When Purani Devcharandasji recited a sloka he asked him not to speak and he would not certify him and said that let this old Swami speak. While making argument with Swami he was describing Brahma like an arrogant gyani (learned) and would say that Brahma has no attributes and it (Brahma) is not bound by sins or good deeds. Then arrogantly he started speaking, saying that who is mother?-who is father?- who is sister?- who is wife? All have same shape. What is the difference between stone and Murti? Then Swami quoted some evidences from scripture and trapped him. So he could speak nothing. Then Swamisri told Tilat, “See! This is your guru. How are his words? He has spoiled everything. Then Tilat became angry with Bava and drove him away. In the world, some stick to such vain gyani. God has shown much pity on us so we are happy. The one who knows the greatness and capacity of Maharaj gets much happiness. See! Sriji Maharaj incarneted in the east and settled down in the west. Moreover, He moved from place to place and showing His much mercy on infinite jivas liberated them. What great compassion.” || 114 ||