Once, two women were going for Bapasri’s darsan from Mankuva. On the way there is a monument of Sriji Maharaj’s Prasadi on hills and while passing that way they were talking and saying that food or water would be taken after Bapasri’s darsan. Hearing that a genie named Jumlo knew that they were going to some Mahatma so if he went with them he would be liberated and entered the body of one woman. That lady came in a new farm Jambuvadi and had darsan of Bapasri. The woman was affected by the genie so she began to swing (dhunva). Bapasri asked who he was. He said that he was Jumlo and requested Bapasri to liberate him. He added that Bapasri was very great and he had come only for liberation- he was sent to Aksardham. || 89 ||